Don Colon Rules

I have been to Cuenca several times and have always wanted to eat at Don Colon’s restaurant. For one reason or another I have never had the pleasure of dining at this establishment. So when I saw that Don Colon was relocating right off the Parque Calderon I was ecstatic. Construction went on all weekend and they opened Monday.


Don Colon Sign

Don Colon Restaurant


I couldn’t wait to try it out Don Colon’s the first day at their new location. I was not disappointed, as I had a bowl of great potato soup, pork chop with rice and hominy along with a dessert. In addition a fresh juice is served which was Mora on Monday. The meal was topped off with a fried dessert stuffed with apple filing. This came to a whopping $4.00 for this multi course meal. I was astonished and could not believe the quality of the food.


Monday's Lunch Special

Monday’s Lunch Special 


Being a suspicious type person I ventured back today Thursday to try the lunch again. I had my choice of liver and onions, a tipico Ecuadorian meal and a Chimichanga with chicken and cheese. I chose the latter, even though its probably not the most healthy. First course again was a delicious soup and the my entree with black beans and rice, salad and the Chimichanga.


Thursday's Lunch

Thursday’s Lunch 


Afterwards I was served a fantastic fried Sopapilla with banana inside. The juice of the day was Papaya. I was blown away again and could not believe how great it tasted and how full I was after a huge lunch.





I had the pleasure of meeting Colon Campos who owns the restaurant and is the namesake. He greeted every customer himself personally today. Given the low end pricing, the quality of the food and the fantastic customer service I don’t see any reason this restaurant won’t thrive in its new location. Oh by the way, he has Fish and Chips tomorrow and I will be back!


Don Colon and the Nomadic Texan

Don Colon and the Nomadic Texan

Photo of The Day #30

Desserts for Sale

Desserts for Sale



One never finds a shortage of desserts in Cuenca and it amazes me that more of the Ecuadorians are not obese, like we find in the US. I guess its a result of all the walking. Every day when I go out and roam the streets of Old Town, I run into (sometimes literally) so many people, its staggering.



I have no idea where they are going and in most cases they are walking at a rather fast gait. I guess this helps shed the sugar and the bread calories. Heladeria’s, Panesa’s and eating establishments abound. Its very tempting and you can eat until you can’t breathe, but you also can always walk it off the next day. I love it!

Photo of The Day #29

Mariscal Lamar y Benigno Malo Jewelry Marcado

Mariscal Lamar y Benigno Malo Jewelry Marcado



There is a handmade craft mercado at the corner of Mariscal Lamar y Benigno Malo, that has various jewelry and one can wonder and view the items for a long time. I happened to go there on Monday night (Labor Day in the US) and looked until it became the same.



It is fascinating to see what they carry, what is popular and how cheap some of the items are. If you are looking for high quality this is not the place. Its more like a flea market in the US. Happy shopping and Saludos!

Photo of The Day #28

Streetwalking in Cuenca is Always Exciting

Streetwalking in Cuenca is Always Exciting


I ran into this young man helping a store advertise on Saturday. I am continually amazed at how easy the Ecuadorians handle themselves on stilts. His partner was a “Mime” and was on my side of the street. As I approached, he offered a flyer with all the store’s promotions.



It seems there is always a parade or some type of event going on in Cuenca and I love streetwalking in Cuenca. You never know what you will run into when you turn the corner.

Photo of The Day #27

Indigenous Man

Indigenous Man



Although the majority of the Indigenous people who still dress traditionally are women, you run across the occasional male who still dresses according to his culture and geographical area. As I was walking Cuenca this past weekend I spied this gentleman and had to capture his photo. You will notice that he wears short pants, heavy boots, a black coat and a black round hat.



I find the Indigenous type of clothing is still worn mostly among this clan of men. There are a few examples and I will try to capture additional photos, but primarily it is the women that maintain the traditional dress.

Photo of The Day #26

Perfect Pitch from the Harp

Perfect Pitch from the Harp



As I strolled along the market place, on the side of the New Cathedral I was enthralled by a beautiful melody coming from a booth down the way. It was very sweet and melodic. As I drew nearer I saw that it was a harp.



This gentleman sets up all over Cuenca and plays for donations only. He is always immaculately dressed and plays with passion and experience, never missing a note! Catch him if you can!

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