Tahiti After 43 Years Maybe?

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#epiXtrip Since my wife and I will be married 40 years this year and have dreamed of visiting Tahiti since we started dating 43 years ago, it certainly would be majestic if we were able to secure and win this glorious trip to Tahiti. If not here’s hoping one of our many traveling friends are able to secure it and enjoy themselves among the islands.
We have traveled individually and mostly together over this time and would certainly appreciate an opportunity to explore and experience Tahiti and all the wonderful accouterments of this paradise! We have always enjoyed the island life and the sea has been our natural vacation. Having the chance to see Tahiti and examine the traits of its culture, food and people would be the icing on our 43 years of traveling! Wish us luck and cross your fingers for us!
Kick your trip off at
The Brando (4 -nights) on the
private island of Tetiaroa———“It’s as if you created your own
private world and stepped
barefoot into your imagination.”


Ranked top resort in the South
Pacific by Travel + Leisure

We believe the power of travel
and storytelling can have a
positive impact on global
Marlon Brando hoped that
Tetiaroa Island could serve as
an ecological model, a place for
scientific research and
You will also participate with
the Tetiaroa Society as part of
your stay
After your stay at The Brando,
you’ll spend:
1 night at the Intercontinental
Tahiti Resort & Spa
2 nights at the Intercontinental
Bora Bora resort & Thalasso Spa
We hope your wanderlust is
stoked. Build and submit your
own travel story for a chance to
For contest rules and details
about how you can create a
winning STELLER story please
see the “EpiXtrip Contest Rules”
story under our users profile

Baby Boomers Love Spas

Local Nail Spa Having One of My Favorites, a Pedicure



As Baby Boomers age their discretionary funds are more available than when we were raising children and supplementing their activities. This leaves the Boomers the ability to spend supplemental cash as they see fit. I am among this illustrious population and my body tells me so daily. I am not any different that most Boomers and love when I can be pampered and my body treated like royalty. We regularly go to our local Nail place and have our aching feet massaged and pampered, which wasn’t an issue until about fifty. Additionally, I try to have a full body massage monthly to help my aching muscles from the treadmill and light weight training at my gym with my “Silver Sneakers” status. Without these spa treatments I’m not sure I could get out of bed daily!


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