Countries I have had the Fortune of visiting.



Ecuador-A country that I truly love with all my heart. Can’t wait to get back to Cuenca again! I never can get enough of this nation. 



Japan-One of my all time favorite countries with fabulous people, food and a consummate culture! It is truly a wonderful place and I long to visit Kyoto again with my son Josh and wife Kim.



Mexico-A land I have visited time and time again for the people, the food and the culture. Hope the issues are worked out soon! My most recent adventure involved constructing a house with Homes of Hope, south of Tijuana in 2013, with my sons Sean and Chris. It was very uplifting.



Hong Kong-One of the most treasured countries I have frequented. I love the fact that I actually can converse with a myriad of the population and there is so much to do!



Thailand-A fascinating epicurean feast of fruits, vegetables, grains, sauces and wonderful people and traditions! I love the Khlongs and floating markets in Bangkok! I was so lucky to visit again in 2013 and took a cooking class, photographed Temples and rode a long boat to James Bond Island.



South Korea-A country that is home to hard working people and great food. Scary, last time I was there, with a very active DMZ!



Singapore-Home of the best coffee I have ever consumed. It was chocolate flavored and I could not put my mug down!



Taiwan-I will never forget the fantastic visit I made to the National Palace Museum, with all the items Chiang Kai-shek removed from China, as he left the communism regime and settled in Taipei. Unbelievable artwork!



Viet Nam-A country I tried for a long time to stay out of, because of the war. Never figured I would actually land in Saigon and see it, while mortars tore up the landing strips.



Phillipines-Home of the largest lobsters I have ever seen, much less eaten and my favorite fruit Mangosteen! You have to experience a Jeepney!



Macau-The only place I visited with a Hydroplane ride from Hong Kong harbor and I hit my number twice in a row, at Roulette! What are the odds?



Bermuda-A very proper British island that I saw, directly after seeing Jaws the movie. Couldn’t get over the dress attire, with white shorts on the men!



Bahamas-I visited this country via a cruise ship on 15; swells. Not my cup of tea, but I loved the people and food!


Malaysia flag

Malaysiaa-I visited for my first time in 2013 and went to Penang, Ipoh and Kuala Lampur. The country has many fascinating Temples, Shrines and is a culinary delight. 


Spain-I visited for the first time in May of 2015 to attend my first #TBEXEurope in Costa Brava. I also spent a week in Barcelona and Seville. Seville has the best Tapas in the world! I will return and visit Madrid and Grenada for sure!


Flag of Italy

Italy-I visited the first time in October of 2015 to visit the #TBDI conference in Rimini. I also went to Sicily, the Aeolian Islands and Milan. Loved Milan! Onviously this FAM trip was a bust. I have to return and see Rome, Tuscany, Florence and Venice before it goes away under water!


Flag of Hungary

Hungary-I visited in December of 2015 with #vikingcruises! A trip of a lifetime and I loved Budapest! The Christmas Markets are fantastic! Budapest is a city Kim and I will return to. It is filled with great architecture, friendly people, crafts of handmade linen and terrific food!


Slovakia-I visited in December of 2015 with #vikingcruises! A trip of a lifetime and I loved Bratislava! The Christmas Markets are fantastic!


Austria-I visited in December of 2015 with #vikingcruises! A trip of a lifetime and I loved Vienna and Salzburg the most along with the Melk Monastery. Linz and Durnstein I really didn’t spend that much time in. The Christmas Markets are fantastic!


Germany-I visited in December of 2015 with #vikingcruises! A trip of a lifetime and I loved Passau. It was a very quaint town that I loved! The Christmas Markets are fantastic! We will return and see Berlin and Munich for sure!


Czech Republic flag

Czech Republic-I visited in December of 2015 with #vikingcruises! A trip of a lifetime and I loved Prague. From dancing on the Charles Bridge with my lovely wife Kim to exploring museums, palaces and the Christmas Markets, we had a wonderful time. We will go back!




“Flags courtesy of used with permission” I truly appreciate this permission as my country count grows!



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