Bread Baking and Flour Paws

Who in the world doesn’t really love fresh baked bread. The aromas and salivating initial tastes, are among the best flavors in the cooking cosmos. Today I am writing my first blog and sharing a Christmas present, my wife gave me, from “Make it Sweet”, in Austin Texas.
It was a Bread …

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Surfing USA

I have been considering participating in Couch Surfing for some time. The majority of the surfers are of the younger generations. I wasn’t sure if anyone except the occasional individual with no luck locating a couch, would really desire to stay with us and use an inflatable air mattress as their bed. I was very wrong and have stumbled upon a media site that is more “social” in nature than some sites I have been on for years.

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Ingapirca at My Feet

As we drove up the rocky road, the historical site loomed ahead and obviously was significant to observe. I missed this Incan ruin last time and was not about to bypass it again, given the opportunity. Alberto, our host at the Casa Ordonez, invited us to go with Earl and Max of Ohio, first thing Saturday morning. I jumped at the chance. The first settlers of this majestic mountain and valley were the Canari, who still have descendants, that …

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The Road to Cuenca

Getting ready for this experience a second time in nine days!!!

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