A European River Tour With a Difference: Punting in Cambridge

Cambridge is famous across the globe for its elite University, that is ranked in the top three in the entire world. But like any hotbed for scholars the area in steeped in history and has many rural delights. The city also has a rich arts scene with many live music venues and museums open around […]

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Brazilian Brilliance: Exploring Rio de Janeiro

Brazil is South America’s largest country and is home to some of the world’s most diverse destinations. Tropical islands, amazon forests and sun-blessed beaches are a few of its natural tourist attractions but this country is also home to one of the world’s most popular destinations — Rio de Janeiro. Brazil’s second largest city is […]

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Turkey’s Best Festivals

Turkey, as the melting pot of the East and West, brandishes plenty of religious and cultural festivals.  As a traveler and a keen observer, much can be learned of the country through these festivals. If you happen to be traveling in the country during any one of these, don’t miss out the chance to observe […]

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Medicine Has Gone to Pot!!!

Our medical situation in the US is growing more and more ridiculous day by day and costs have forced many individuals to search out medical procedures and medicine in foreign locations. It is called Medical Tourism and the countries involved are growing daily. The costs vary enormously, depending on the world status of the country […]

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The Santiago Way: How to Keep Your Feet Fighting Fit

El Camino de Santiago is one rough, tough pilgrimage across Spain, a long distance hike across concrete, dirt roads and trail which will test your nerve, resolve and, above all, your feet. There are plenty fun stops on the way, with little need for navigation, and you may well find companionship with some fellow trekkers. […]

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Hard Road to Travel

I’ve got a hard road to travel and a rough, rough way to go Said, it’s a hard road to travel and a rough, rough way to go But I can’t turn back, my heart is fixed My mind’s made up, I’ll never stop, my faith will see, see me through   I set out […]

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Holiday in Lanzarote: Top 5 active pursuits

Regarded by many as a typical beach holiday destination, there is more than meets the eye to Lanzarote. Yes there are spectacular crescent shaped beaches featuring beautiful turquoise water that sweeps over enticing white sand, but simply soaking up the sun and ignoring the plethora of pastimes on offer is a big mistake. So with […]

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Why I Deserve To Win The Viventura/Marketing Globetrotters Trip To Peru and Chile With Mike King and Yngrid Arnold

That is the $64 million dollar question. Why on earth should this little old man “Deserve to Win” this leg of the Marketing Globetrotters trips to South America? First of all it is the only leg I can actually take, as I have a prior obligation with a trip to Japan beginning November 28, 2014 to […]

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Looking For A Great Wedding Venue in South Africa

The Importance of a Good Wedding Venue There is so much to think about when it comes to your wedding day. It takes an enormous amount of planning. It is worth the effort because it should be the happiest day of your life. You can plan of course but then you still have to rely […]

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5 Reasons to Walk the Camino Frances

A few years back I was fortunate enough to see a movie entitled “The Way”. It was a tremendous movie about walking the Camino de Santiago and “finding yourself”. Emilio Estevez wrote and produced the film. The lead actor was played by Martin Sheen and dealt with the death of his son, while walking the […]

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