Photo of The Day #54

As we headed out of Phuket Thailand, to take the Long Boat to James Bond Island or Khao Phing Kan in the Phang Nga Bay,  I knew I couldn’t make the entire trip without a potty break. I have a bad bladder and holding is not an option ordinarily, as my wife Kim will tell you. Her on the other hand, she can hold it for days.


It pisses me off. Pun intended! Luckily our guide had a stop planned for beverages and the sampling of some of the best Dim Sum I had ever tasted! I was so glad when they offered us a taste. I wanted to eat the whole pot!


Very Tasty Dim Sum

Very Tasty Dim Sum


I caught the name of the restaurant. It was Phing Nga Restaurant right before the Sarasin Bridge. I captured a few photos of the magnificent orchid presentation on the wall separating the dining rooms, along the path to the restrooms. I was very surprised at how clean and well stocked the restrooms were. Very nice! I was much more taken back though by this array of orchids.


Wall of Orchids

Wall of Orchids


Obviously I had to choose one as my favorite and it literally jumped out and caught my attention. What do you think did I get it right?


An Amazing Purple Orchid

An Amazing Purple Orchid


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  1. I’ve got to get to Thailand one day! Thanks for sharing 😉

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      You will love it. I seriously have a desire to live at least a full year of my life in Thailand and experience their wonderful culture and food. It is one of my favorite countries in the world!

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