Lewis N. Clark Travel Gear #2

I am lucky enough again to be testing several travel products from Lewis N Clark. I am very happy that they have decided to work with me and allow me to test products they produce primarily for traveling and the outdoors. As in my last post on their products, I will be open and forthright in regards to my impressions.


My first item is a pair of flight compression socks to keep my legs from swelling on long International flights. They are intended to help prevent deep vein thrombosis. I received a size medium, as I wear a size 9 men’s shoe and it says men’s 6-9 shoe. This was actually a little too tight for my extra large calves and I should have asked for a large. On the positive side my wife loves them and wears them constantly. So if you order these just make sure you take your calf size into consideration.



Flight Socks

Flight Socks



The next item shipped was a three pack of compression packers which are ideal for travel and storage of bulky items, like sweaters. The compression works best when you roll the air out, rather than folding the bags. They are great if you have additional items you are packing for and extended trip or if your trip requires several dress options. The sizes in the 3-pack set includes one of each of the following: Small: 20in x 14in, Medium: 23in x 16in, Large: 28in x 18in.


To unseal the bags just pull open the zipper from the middle. Additionally they work well for wet clothing that you do not want soiling the other clothes. They are completely reusable and protect against dust, bugs and weather. Definitely a thumbs up for the compression packers.






My next item is another hanging toiletry kit, with a different type of layout and material. Features water-resistant TPU and mesh compartments to accommodate a variety of toiletries. This brushed twill hanging toiletry kit fits anything from contact lenses and hand wipes to lotion and lip balm. It contains many zippered compartments on the interior and exterior both. It has elastic straps to hold items and has a metal hanger that fits most towel bars and knobs.



Hanging Toiletry Kit

Hanging Toiletry Kit


It zips completely closed and if truth be known, I use it daily to go to the gym as a man purse to hold my wallet, keys, smartphone and everything else I would ordinarily carry in my pants pockets. I love it and trust me it travels well when you use it for a toiletry kit. It’s very compact. It only weighs 6 ounces prior to placing items in the kit. The exterior is a brushed twill.



Closed Hanging Toiletry Kit

Closed Hanging Toiletry Kit


The last item is one that I use daily and is such a convenience. Most of the adapter plugs I have bought and used were a bulky, hard to carry unit and barely fit in my backpack pocket. This adapter kit is small and has every type of plug used around the world. It’s so fantastic and even I can align the various plugs so that they fit into the carrying case, which is only 2in x 3.5in x 2.5in. It weighs 6 ounces and is light as a feather in my opinion. I love this item.


Adapter Plug Kit with Dual USB Charger

Adapter Plug Kit with Dual USB Charger


The photo above displays all the various plugs which will work in more than 175 countries, including most parts of Africa, Asia, Europe (both standard and recessed outlets), the Middle East, New Zealand, North America, and Russia. Here’s my favorite factor about the kit. It has two USB ports for charging everything from your laptop to your phone to your MP3 player. This sold it for me. I am constantly using this feature at home and while traveling.



Adapter Plug Kit with Dual USB Charger with 2 USB Ports

Adapter Plug Kit with Dual USB Charger with 2 USB Ports




***All products were sponsored by Lewis N. Clark for testing and review. All opinions are as always, those of my own.




















Article #6, in the Series, Palestine Texas #101, “Granny Muffin Wines”

As we entered The Texas Art Depot, I asked if we were really in a “Winery”, as it appeared to me that we were in an art and antique shop. Our host Breezy Lake-Wolfe directed us upstairs. As we neared the staircase I saw these boxes of wine sitting and waiting to be shipped and I knew there must be wine nearby. I love their logo!


Wine Boxed and Ready to Go "Downstairs" in the Texas Art Depot

Wine Boxed and Ready to Go, “Downstairs” in the Texas Art Depot


As we turned the corner upstairs into the “Winery”, the atmosphere changed a great deal. People were sitting at tables sampling the wine and I noticed that there were cheese and sausage selections available to all customers. The winery is owned and operated by Mike and April Johnston. They were busy with customers, so Kim and I decided to look at the rooms of art and antiques around the floor.



A Collection of Clocks


I found an eclectic assortment and I personally love old clocks, like these shown in the photo above! We sauntered into the next room and found all the walls adorned with various artwork and most depicted Civil War activity and turn of the last century or Victorian Era scenes.




Walls of Art


As we returned to the tasting room, I saw that Granny Muffin had won several medals and were proudly displaying the specifics. Mike and April offer 25 different varietal wines, with outstanding Merlot’s, Cabernet’s, Chiantis, Malbec’s, White Zinfandel’s, Chardonnay’s, Sauvignon’s, Gewurtzraminer, Pinot’s, Piesporter’s and many blends. I trust you will find your favorite at this winery.



Medals, Medals, Medals


I learned that Mike and April had just returned from Safari in Africa and absolutely loved their trip. I respectfully declined another tasting, as I do not imbibe on a regular basis and was at my limit. Kim of course loves White Zinfandel’s. She sampled and bought a bottle shown below on the rack.



A Closer Look


Finally I had a chance to meet April and I found her a very outgoing and hilarious young lady. She had me in stitches I was laughing so hard. So if you venture to Palestine Texas and find you have an hour or so to spend, I recommend you go to Granny Muffin’s Winery and sample their great wines. If you run into April please be prepared to be treated like you have known each other for years. She is a delight and will keep your spirits up (pun intended)!


April Johnston with the Nomadic Texan

April Johnston with the Nomadic Texan






*** My trip to Palestine Texas was sponsored by the City of Palestine Marketing Department. All opinions are solely mine and as always, generated without any influence.




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