Photo of The Day #62, #NomadicTexan

Last August when I lived in Cuenca for five weeks, this Indigenous lady sat on the corner of the street where my condo was located, selling lottery tickets. She was there every day rain or shine and sold tickets from early in the morning until late afternoon.


Indigenous Lady Selling Lottery Tickets

Indigenous Lady Selling Lottery Tickets


I always wondered if she had a family and if she had housing. She never missed a beat and when I would walk by her she extended a ticket and asked me if I wanted to purchase a ticket. I never did and almost felt guilty about NOT gambling!

Photo of The Day #25

Indingenous Lady Selling Lottery Tickets

Indigenous Lady Selling Lottery Tickets



This lady sits on the corner by my condo I am renting and attempts to sell lottery tickets to the people walking by. I haven’t ever really seen her sell any large quantities and can only really remember seeing a purchase one time. It is sad, but the majority of the Indigenous people work at the low-end jobs and make very little income.



They dress in their native colors and hats. Most are a proud people. They walk the streets pedaling fruit, trinkets, lottery tickets and flowers. They do this daily and somehow scratch out a living. I admire their tenacity and drive to survive!

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