Holiday in Lanzarote: Top 5 active pursuits

Regarded by many as a typical beach holiday destination, there is more than meets the eye to Lanzarote. Yes there are spectacular crescent shaped beaches featuring beautiful turquoise water that sweeps over enticing white sand, but simply soaking up the sun and ignoring the plethora of pastimes on offer is a big mistake. So with this in mind, here are some active pursuits you should definitely consider on a trip to this particular Canary Island. Little wonder then that flights to Lanzarote are in high demand.


1.Explore Timanfaya National Park – The landscape here might look like another world or planet, but this is what the Earth looked like in prehistoric times. The Timanfaya National Park features 25 volcanoes packed into just 50 square kilometres, with each and every one bound to take your breath away. A coach trip around the park is included in the entry fee, but the free guided walk service should not be missed.


2.Try scuba diving or snorkelling – Beneath the water of Lanzarote’s east coast are an abundance of fascinating sights, from coral reef and caves to shipwrecks and marine life. While this is an exhilarating playground for any experienced diver, novices looking to learn the ropes can take advantage of affordable introductory sessions from numerous operators on the island. But if you don’t fancy plunging the depths of the ocean, there is still plenty to see with just a snorkel.


Snorkeling, Lanzarote

Snorkeling, Lanzarote 


3.Go fishing – Standing on the shore alongside a local while casting out your line in the hope of catching a Mediterranean Snapper, Yellowmouth Barracuda or Parrot fish is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. However, if you want a bit more excitement and exhilaration, go on a big game fishing excursion. You’ll be competing with others on the boat to catch the biggest fish of the day, which can include tuna, marlin and sharks.


Gone Fishing in Lanzarote

Gone Fishing in Lanzarote 


4.Trek in the mountains – Don’t be fooled by Lanzarote’s volcanic origins, as there is still a lot of flora and fauna to see on the island. Sign up to a trekking tour of the Apache Mountains, one of the oldest parts of Lanzarote, and discover the natural delights of this protected area. Alternatively, visit Las Peñas del Chache, the island’s highest point.


5.Give surfing a go – Described by some as the Hawaii of Europe, the Canary Islands are blessed with shallow lava reefs and impressive waves, which make surfing a favoured activity. If you’re a beginner, head to Famara on the north coast, as there is plenty of space to surf without getting in the way of more experienced locals. Those struggling to stand up on a board might want to give windsurfing a try instead.


Throw in the tasty Mediterranean fare, year round sunshine and friendly locals, and you can see how Lanzarote caters for your getaway needs.



Images by Sophie Nicol and Son of Groucho, used under the Creative Commons license.

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