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no-mad [noh-mad]
1. a member of a people or tribe that has no permanent abode but moves from place to place, usually seasonally or following a traditional route or circuit according to the state of the pasturage or food supply.
2. any wanderer or itinerant
3. nomadic

Texan [tek-sun]
1. a native or inhabitant of Texas.
2. of or relating to Texas or its inhabitants

I am a NT (Native Texan…born and bred in the Lone Star state) that has managed to survive the retail world, several surgeries, one heart attack, raising three sons and staying married to the same fantastic woman for 39 years. This is an accomplishment in itself, as I have a proclivity for spontaneity, that exceeds mortal rational thought. I love to explore new countries and engage the people, digest the food and learn new cultures. I started traveling at a young age and spent two months in SE Asia in the ’70’s. Haven’t looked back.


Although, in the interim, I actually labored in the retail sector and put in 70 hours a week on average. This enabled my family to experience many vacations and the ability to see many places and events, including the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta Georgia. As our three fabulous sons have all grown and fled the nest, I have decided to see the world and experience it with my life partner, Kim.


I am writing a book, write a Travel and Food Blog and currently reside in the Austin area. I love photography and foods of the world. Very partial to exploring new countries and don’t plan to stop until I fall over! In other words I am one damn travel geek that can’t get enough of the fabulous world we live in! Y’all please come along and enjoy the ride!


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