Countries I have had the Fortune of visiting.



Ecuador-A country that I truly love with all my heart. Can’t wait to get back to Cuenca again! I never can get enough of this nation. 



Japan-One of my all time favorite countries with fabulous people, food and a consummate culture! It is truly a wonderful place and I long to visit Kyoto again with my son Josh and wife Kim. WE have returned twice for our son’s wedding to his lovely wife Rina in 2016 and for the birth of our first Grandson Luca in 2017.



Mexico-A land I have visited time and time again for the people, the food and the culture. Hope the issues are worked out soon! My most recent adventure involved constructing a house with Homes of Hope, south of Tijuana in 2013, with my sons Sean and Chris. It was very uplifting.



Hong Kong-One of the most treasured countries I have frequented. I love the fact that I actually can converse with a myriad of the population and there is so much to do!



Thailand-A fascinating epicurean feast of fruits, vegetables, grains, sauces and wonderful people and traditions! I love the Khlongs and floating markets in Bangkok! I was so lucky to visit again in 2013 and took a cooking class, photographed Temples and rode a long boat to James Bond Island.



South Korea-A country that is home to hard working people and great food. Scary, last time I was there, with a very active DMZ!



Singapore-Home of the best coffee I have ever consumed. It was chocolate flavored and I could not put my mug down!



Taiwan-I will never forget the fantastic visit I made to the National Palace Museum, with all the items Chiang Kai-shek removed from China, as he left the communism regime and settled in Taipei. Unbelievable artwork!



Viet Nam-A country I tried for a long time to stay out of, because of the war. Never figured I would actually land in Saigon and see it, while mortars tore up the landing strips.



Phillipines-Home of the largest lobsters I have ever seen, much less eaten and my favorite fruit Mangosteen! You have to experience a Jeepney!



Macau-The only place I visited with a Hydroplane ride from Hong Kong harbor and I hit my number twice in a row, at Roulette! What are the odds?



Bermuda-A very proper British island that I saw, directly after seeing Jaws the movie. Couldn’t get over the dress attire, with white shorts on the men!



Bahamas-I visited this country via a cruise ship on 15; swells. Not my cup of tea, but I loved the people and food!


Malaysia flag

Malaysiaa-I visited for my first time in 2013 and went to Penang, Ipoh and Kuala Lampur. The country has many fascinating Temples, Shrines and is a culinary delight. 


Spain-I visited for the first time in May of 2015 to attend my first #TBEXEurope in Costa Brava. I also spent a week in Barcelona and Seville. Seville has the best Tapas in the world! I will return and visit Madrid and Grenada for sure!


Flag of Italy

Italy-I visited the first time in October of 2015 to visit the #TBDI conference in Rimini. I also went to Sicily, the Aeolian Islands and Milan. Loved Milan! Onviously this FAM trip was a bust. I have to return and see Rome, Tuscany, Florence and Venice before it goes away under water!


Flag of Hungary

Hungary-I visited in December of 2015 with #vikingcruises! A trip of a lifetime and I loved Budapest! The Christmas Markets are fantastic! Budapest is a city Kim and I will return to. It is filled with great architecture, friendly people, crafts of handmade linen and terrific food!


Slovakia-I visited in December of 2015 with #vikingcruises! A trip of a lifetime and I loved Bratislava! The Christmas Markets are fantastic!


Austria-I visited in December of 2015 with #vikingcruises! A trip of a lifetime and I loved Vienna and Salzburg the most along with the Melk Monastery. Linz and Durnstein I really didn’t spend that much time in. The Christmas Markets are fantastic!


Germany-I visited in December of 2015 with #vikingcruises! A trip of a lifetime and I loved Passau. It was a very quaint town that I loved! The Christmas Markets are fantastic! We returned on our Viking River Cruise, The Rhine Getaway in 2017 and visited several cities. My favorite had to be Heidelberg with its historic castle, beautiful architecture and delightful food!


Czech Republic flag

Czech Republic-I visited in December of 2015 with #vikingcruises! A trip of a lifetime and I loved Prague. From dancing on the Charles Bridge with my lovely wife Kim to exploring museums, palaces and the Christmas Markets, we had a wonderful time. We will go back!


France flag

France was a delight and we went entirely crazy purchasing their pastries, chocolates and cakes. The architecture was beautiful. The people were very friendly contrary to popular belief and we thoroughly enjoyed Strasbourg on our Viking River Cruise, The Rhine Getaway in 2017.


Netherlands flag

The Netherlands was our first stop on our Viking River Cruise, The Rhine Getaway in 2017. We landed in Amsterdam and would have loved to explore more, but our flight from the US was delayed and we barely had time for the walking tour. The second day we visited Kinderdijk and explored a cheese making farm and the UNESCO windmills. A can’t miss site!


Switzerland flag

Switzerland was our last country on our Viking River Cruise, The Rhine Getaway in 2017. We landed and disembarked in Basel and went on to Lucerne for our extension. We absolutely fell head over heels with this quaint city filled with half timbered architecture, gorgeous flowers in full bloom and delicious food including fondue of course!


“Flags courtesy of used with permission” I truly appreciate this permission as my country count grows!



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