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One of the nicest lady travel bloggers in the Universe! My first contact in the industry.

My mentor and friend. If I had as much fun as her, I would have another heart attack!

lola travels

A new friend in the industry. Hope I win her contest this year!

An all round nice guy, that has given me the time of day so much. I am probably driving him crazy. Thanks for your support friend!

My friend and fellow Austinite, Wes Nations. We have to meet at Guero’s this year and hoist a few. Thanks for your help! Alias Johnny Vagabond.

My inspiration to start traveling internationally again. I watched a video by Barbara on You Tube and was convinced I had to see Cuenca Ecuador!

One of the most responsive bloggers I know. Robin can always be counted to help out and is an avid Twitter geek, like me. I will see you soon, on my first trip to Europe!

One of the nicest ladies in the industry. Thank for always being so cordial and for all your help! I will get to Spain before I perish!

My avid Twitter follower and motivational guru. Thanks Jeff for always having a positive comment to express!

A professor, a friend and I am sure he will be a fine dad! Thanks for all your support Michael.



Alex is a “crazy Slovak girl”,(her words), who is traveling around the world. A highly amusing blogger!

This man hits more airports in a year than there are days! Ha. Well versed on the industry!

An amazing adventure, starring Talon and Tigger. Two of my favorite people in travel!!

My favorite food person, Freda Gore. She is amazing!

Pola is one of my newer travel blogger friends, yet always has good advice!

Elyse has of the most interesting and tasty food blogs around. Always has a kind word!

Kate is an advocate of solo traveling for women and adheres to her trademark self-deprecating humor and fun-loving voice, despite any barriers.

Laura is a fascinating pundit and always has a great attitude about travel.

Sonja is a published author and dedicated blogger. An advocate for her home country of Switzerland.

A true lady with luxurious taste but down to earth communications. Thank you Andi for all your support!