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As we walked from the train to the Big Buddha, we passed a very unique shop in Kamakura Japan and it caught my eye. I was enthralled with the display of fighting swords, weapons and throwing stars that this shop held. I took a photo and probably should have shot it from an angle so as not to have the cars reflection.


Japanese Weapon Shop

Japanese Weapon Shop


Although it does kind of give it a unique visual sense. As we were in a hurry I couldn’t stop and search through the various items as I would have liked and had to be satisfied with this photo for my memory!.

Photo of The Day #53

As I sit here tonight scanning my shares and connections on social media, I came across a musician friend that loves Japan more than I do if that is possible. It s been many years since Kim and I have been to Japan and I am ready to go back. If I could afford it, I would eventually retire in Japan. I love its people. its food and its culture. It is one of the countries in the world that still understands how to act with class. This photo is from my visit with my son to the Big Buddha and I love looking at this photo, as it reminds me how much I really miss Japan. Kyoto I hope you are ready because next time we are coming your way!


The Big Buddha

The Big Buddha

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