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I love beach towns in any country and always gravitate to them regardless. I was recently in Phuket Thailand, a very well known city and it has infinite attributes. One I was totally caught off guard by, was the amount of wonderful buildings and intoxicating architecture that exists in the old section of town. As we entered, our guide Jennifer decided we needed to stop and see this area.


I was fortunate that they gave us about 30 minutes to walk and shop. I was only really interested in the Colonial Spanish or French style of architecture represented and took a plethora of photos. One of my favorites is this one and I shaded it black and white for effect.  I love the more traditional aspect of this type of photo and am old enough to remember when this was our primary source of pictures and color was considered a luxury.


There is something that defines the lines and and construction of a building better when it is presented in black and white. I love that it completely captures my eye. How about you? Do you like to see photos in black and white or would you rather all photos be exposed with colors? Thank you kindly for taking the time to read my post and for your comments.


B/W Photo of Old Town Phuket

B/W Photo of Old Town Phuket

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