150 Years BOMB Series, Article #3, A Foodie’s Dream With So Much Seafood

Friday after I drove in from Lafayette Louisiana, I headed straight to the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Mobile Bay and didn’t really have time to grab a bite to eat. The cannon fire lasted until almost dark and I pulled out and headed for a Tacky Jack’s location across the island. Little did I know that there was one right by my condo. Did I go there? Nope I drove 40 minutes and wound up just getting in under the closing bell. I decided to sit at the bar, as it had a great advantage to watching TV and I was by myself. When the bartender approached me I told him I didn’t drink alcohol and just wanted water and the menu. I was hungry as a horse and wanted to savor the great taste of fresh seafood for the Gulf Coast.


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The Parking Lot at Tacky Jack’s


I asked the gentleman who I must say was very cordial, if I could have a Po-Boy with shrimp and oysters combined. They had both listed separately on the menu, but had no combination. Unfortunately he said no. I went with the shrimp and casually started to relax. About 10 minutes later he brings out this basket with the largest Po-Boy I had ever seen. It must have had 50 shrimp or more on the bun. In fact I had to ask for a large plate, that would hold all the sandwich. It was accompanied by a cup of horseradish, that you mixed ketchup with to create a kind of cocktail sauce. Then I took my first bite, Oh my God it was good. And surprise I was so hungry I completely forgot about taking photos so I could share this wonderful sandwich. I am doing this more and more it seems. I think it’s my age!


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The Patio and Entrance to Tacky Jack’s


Saturday I had coffee and nothing again during the day. I was too busy taking photos and videos at the event to eat anything and about 2:30 PM I got so hungry I left the event and again drove across the island to another recommended restaurant Fisher’s at Orange Beach Marina, to grab a meal. The night before I asked what else was good at Tacky Jack’s and the bartender suggested I get an order of Crab Claws. That was right up my alley! I have loved platter’s of crab claw’s for most of my life.


Fischer's at Orange Beach Marina















Fisher’s at Orange Beach Marina


I had an issue with the service and waited too long in my opinion. A young man finally asked if I had been helped and decided to wait on me. I ordered the Crab Claws and he proceeded to give me some of the best service I have ever had . Make sure if you go you ask for “Blake”. He is a great server and made up for my original server that abandoned me. The Crab Claws were unbelievable and I scarfed then down in under 15 minutes I am guessing. They were so good!


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Crab Claws From Heaven


Blake was funny and I asked him what his plan was after he discovered I had sons his age and was a travel blogger. He informed me that his ambition was to obtain a degree in Hospitality and then follow up with a Law degree or something to do with statistics. Then he volunteered his long term goal was to be the General Manager of the Dallas Mavericks and was dead serious. I couldn’t believe it.


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Lower Deck Dining Room at Fisher’s at Orange Beach Marina


Everywhere I drove were additional seafood restaurants, but both of these were recommended for their quality. Both were in fact tremendous when it came to the taste and preparation of the food. I have no qualms reviewing either dining establishment and adding my name to a most favorable evaluation. When I go back I will make sure I visit these seafood houses and maybe this time I will get the full platter with all the trimmings!



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