Photo of The Day #50

The Rock and The Love of My Life

The Rock and The Love of My Life


I have thought long and hard about what my #50 “Photo of The Day” should be and what it should stand for. After I decided on the subject, it really didn’t take that long to locate a photo. I am 63 going on 64 years old and have shared 37 years of that life with this beautiful lady. She has stood behind me come whatever and I can’t express my love for this lady enough. That’s the reason I am dedicating #5o to her and telling the world how much she means to yours truly.



Thank you my dear for putting up with me all these years, helping raise three wonderful sons and for making my life a joy! I truly hope we can have another 37 years, that is if we can remember who and where we are! Thank you Kim, for sharing my life and for loving this old man through thick and thin!

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