My Amazing Life-Chapter 14, The Oasis Spa a Heavenly Retreat Away From Everything in Bangkok

After three legs and around 30 hours of airport and flight time, I was worn out the first night we arrived in Bangkok. I knew the first day was full of things to do on our agenda and knew I would be tired at the end of the initial day. Then I found out that we had a massage scheduled for each of us, at The Oasis Spa Bangkok. I also believe acutely, this is the answer to jet lag and a way to ease into new time zones. As we walked into this luxurious establishment I was in awe. Most of the places I receive massages in the US are rather small enterprises and not really a 5-star operation as this appeared to be. The lady on the left below in the light colored top turned out to be my masseuse.


Sammy, General Manager and the Owner, Lady on the Left was My Masseuse

Sammy Our Tour Guide, General Manager & the Owner, My Masseuse is on the Left


We were introduced to the lady who owned the spa, the General manager shown below delivering instructions and were given the rundown on the rules of the Spa. We were told we would all receive a traditional Thai Deep Tissue Massage and would be very relaxed afterwards. We were told if it hurt too much to tell our masseuse. I had no idea!


General Manager of the Oasis Giving Us Instructions

General Manager of the Oasis Giving Us Instructions


The entire reception room was decorated with very upscale furniture and soft music played in the background, as in most massage operations. We each were served a warm tea and a warn washcloth to help cleanse our faces of the grit and dirt picked up from walking the streets of Bangkok. A very nice additional touch.


Zen Bowl, Tea and Warm Cloth for All

Zen Bowl, Tea and Warm Cloth for All


We all anticipated our massages and were fairly exhausted. I managed to get a group photo of the ladies below, as they waited for their individual massages. I will tell you none of us were disappointed. I think some of us needed the massage more than others, me included!


Group Photo of The Ladies

Group Photo of The Ladies Waiting on Their Massages


They had a retail shop in the corner with tons of creams and lotions, both scented and non-scented. I really didn’t look into any items but made sure I jumped up when my name was called. I was led back through a very nice complex and the massage room was nicely done and even had a shower located outside that I used afterwards (had a wall that hid the people showering so don’t go there).


Various Lotions and Creams in Retail Section

Various Lotions and Creams in Retail Section


My masseuse led me in to the room with the table and asked me to disrobe when she left the room. She placed a large box on the bed and I asked her what it was for. There might be a small problem! She didn’t speak any English. She opened the box and to my surprise she pulled out a pair of disposable mesh underwear. I could choose either a Speedo type or a thong. Oh My God really? I was taken back by this action and motioned no way on the thong. She left and I had an issue. My fat butt wouldn’t fit into the large size pair of the Speedo underwear, which apparently was made for a 125 pound man. I put on my robe and communicated that they were too small. She retrieved a much larger and adequate size which I put on. We were finally set.


Outside View of Grounds

Outside View of Grounds


She began to give me my first ever Thai Deep Tissue Massage and I must say it was truly intense, especially after doing the normal prone portion. She then had me sit up erect. She worked her elbows into my back and worked me over, very much like a punching bag. My word it hurt! I have never had a massage that placed me in so much agony. On the other side of the equation, about an hour later I felt fantastic and actually felt that the jet lag had left my body. Even though the massage involves discomfort, I highly recommend you visit the Oasis Spa and endure one. You will not be sorry and your body will thank you immensely!







*** My trip to Thailand and Malaysia was sponsored by Thai Airways, the Tourism Authority of Thailand and Tourism Malaysia USA. All opinions are solely mine and as always, generated without any influence.

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