Photo of The Day #34

The Old Cathedral Steeple at Night

The Old Cathedral Steeple at Night


As I walked Cuenca last night, I inevitably had to pass through Parque Caldron. I saw this dramatic photo just waiting for me to shoot and had to take the picture. Cuenca has become like a second home to me and I love the architecture, the people and definitely the food!


I have mixed emotions about leaving and going back home. I am confident, regardless of what some may say, that Cuenca will never lose its charm or appeal. Hasta Luego mi amigo.

Photo of The Day #11

Parque Calderon Near the New Cathedral in Cuenca

Parque Calderon Near the New Cathedral in Cuenca


I love the old part of Cuenca. It has been around for hundreds of years and the Parque Calderon pictured above is at the center of this section of town. It is bordered on one side by the New Cathedral and on the other by the Old Cathedral built in 1557.


Both are tremendous works of art and have various artifacts from the history of Cuenca. In addition, several restaurants and ice cream shops are on the other sides. It is a landmark one does not want to miss. This photo was taken directly after a heavy rainstorm and the clouds were still hanging above the New Cathedral at the rear of the photo.



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