A Taste of Luxury

Upon our return trip from Cuenca to Austin, Kim and I stayed at the Hotel Oro Verde in Guayaquil again. Upon check-in, we were given warm, mint scented towels and fresh juice to take away the humidity and heat of the city. This time we stayed in the Oro Verde Suite and were delightfully surprised at the glamorous and stately attributes of the suite.

We met and talked with Mr Xavier Polastri, the “Gerente de Recepcion” or the Front Desk Manager. Not only was he very gracious, but he showed us to our suite personally and ensured us that our every need would be met.

He gave us the key, made sure we were comfortable and bid us a pleasant stay. I thanked him and stepped back to take it all in. Kim decided to rest her weary bones and stretched out on the couch in the living area of the suite. I had to step into the guest bath.
Notice the fresh red roses on the dining table. I had to look at the rest of the suite and started to venture into the other rooms when the doorbell rang and an attendant brought a bottle of wine, two glasses and a handwritten thank you letter, from Mr. Vasco Baselli, the “Gerente General” or the General Manager of the hotel. I cannot remember the last time I received a handwritten note and one so warmly written.
Additionally, we were brought a bowl of fruit, chocolates and personal service for our IT issues. We settled in and decided to try out the private dining area on the eighth floor, stocked with all kinds of tasty snacks, sandwiches, cheeses, fruits, breads and pastries. We loved the offerings and satisfied our hunger. Returning to the suite I had to take advantage of the wonderful bath facilities with multi-head shower and huge tub.
I wanted to spend the entire night in this fascinating shower. After being totally spoiled in this unbelievable shower I continued to the vanity. The exterior double sinks had every accessory one could fathom. Any toiletry you forgot was in place.
It was time for bed as Kim and I had an early 3:00 AM wake up call to make the shuttle and return flight to Austin. Kim remarked that the bath and bedroom area was larger than ours at home. It was very spacious and nicely appointed with a huge king size, palatial bed.
The wake up call came at exactly 3:00 and sadly we were leaving Ecuador returning to reality, jobs and our lives in Texas. The Hotel Oro Verde is a member of The Leading Hotels of the World  and I feel positive that the guest treatment would be comparable, in any of the chains many luxury hotels around the world.
We were treated so kindly and the generous management of the Hotel Oro Verde is to be commended for such excellent customer service, cleanliness and a desire to please their guests. I have never been treated so royally and have stayed in major hotels across the world. Thank you sincerely for a “Memory Making” visit.

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12 responses to “A Taste of Luxury”

  1. mo says:

    So jealous! Looks wonderful!!!!

    It was a very amazing stay and were truly fortunate to have this suite!
  3. lauren says:

    Beautiful room. Still a tad jealous of you guys 🙂 Must make my way down to Ecuador some time soon.

    Ecuador is very inexpensive and easy to navigate. The people are friendly and the culture is accepting of Gringos.The food is fabulous and so, so inexpensive! I highly recommend a visit!
  5. I have never received warm, mint scented towels. I am adding that to my bucket list 🙂

    My apologies. Your comments keep hitting the spam folder and being the old man I am, I keep forgetting to look. My wife loved the towels and juice since it was so darn hot (about 89 degrees) outside. Thanks for your continued support! Safe Travels mi amigo!!!
  7. Wow talk about luxury! GORGEOUS!!!!!!

    You are too kind. We were astonished at the room. Thanks for your comment and thanks for reading my blog. You are the greatest!
  9. LOLA says:

    what a way to end an amazing trip. i agree with you that handwritten notes are so lovely to receive!


  10. NOMADICTEXAN says:
    You are such a sweetheart, for adding this comment. I love it and can’t wait to see you in Toronto young lady! #Vino for you for sure!!!
  11. Mike, absolutely loved reading this – made me feel like I wanted to book a ticket to go right away! Sounds really lovely and the pictures are great. Thanks for sharing with all of us who are home-bound right now and aching for the next adventure!

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      My humble apologies. I did not receive any notice that you had made a comment. I have had a group working on my site and I guess I will have to scroll down like I just did and get egg all over my face. It is a great hotel and I am looking forward to visiting them again when I go in August! I am sure the service will be excellent again! Thank you kindly for your thought!

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