Are You Buying or Selling?

Growing up in Texas the way a man wears his pants inside of his boots, that is which leg is tucked in, defines if he is selling or buying cattle the story goes. If the pants were tucked in their left boot it meant they were selling cattle. If their pants were tucked in their right boot it meant they were buying cattle.

At Eduardo Vega’s Studio in Turi there is never any doubt. He is selling and you should be buying. The first time I visited the studio was in October of 2011 and I was amazed at the quality of his work and how inexpensive it was.
Mr. Vega captures Ecuadorian topics in his work and is an accomplished ceramic artist both at home and Internationally. His studio is worth the visit and you will find yourself strolling for many minutes and inspecting his work.
His artisans can be viewed from above the workshop and one can watch as they prepare renditions of his work. Additionally, the view out the rear windows of his studio give one a beautiful perspective of Cuenca and is a very scenic overlook.
Regardless of your financial situation, Mr. Vega has items available in every price range and one can take home his work for very reasonable outlays. Each time I visit his studio I am amazed at the detail and effort that goes into his art and want to buy it all.
You will not be disappointed if you visit his studio and more than likely will walk away with a souvenir. Saludos and Safe Travels !

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  1. It is always great to purchase mementos from places you have traveled. This art looks like just the ticket. Reminds me of Talavera ceramics I saw and toured in Puebla, Mexico. In fact, as I type I am drinking out of a beautiful talavera coffee cup. Cheers!

    I love that you buy coffee cups. Our cabinets are filled with cups from all over the world. I am waiting until my next trip in October, to purchase my “Vega” cup! Talvera ceramics are so colorful and decorative! Love them…almost as much as Vega! Ha! Safe Travels mi amigo!

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