Baby Boomers Love Spas

Local Nail Spa Having One of My Favorites, a Pedicure

There’s no question that baby boomers love spas. After all, what’s not to love? Spas offer a chance to relax, rejuvenate, and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. They’re also a great way to meet new people and enjoy some quality time with friends.

As Baby Boomers age, their discretionary funds are more available than when we were raising children and supplementing their activities. This leaves the Boomers the ability to spend supplemental cash as they see fit. I am among this illustrious population, and my body tells me so daily. I am not any different than most Boomers and love when I can be pampered, and my body treated like royalty.

We regularly go to our local spa. Our visits are so frequent that sometimes we might consider getting a spa built in our backyard with the help of California Pools which can build custom pools and spas. Home spas offer all the same benefits as traditional spas, but they can be tailored specifically to your needs and preferences. Plus, they’re more convenient and often more affordable than visiting a spa. Here are a few tips for building the perfect home spa for baby boomers:
1. Choose a quiet, secluded location.
2. Invest in quality products and nail technician table and chairs.
3. Make sure your space is comfortable and inviting.
4. Consider hiring a professional to help you design and build your home spa.
5. Tailor your home spa to your specific needs and preferences.

Obviously, not everyone has the space or money to build a home spa, but a visit to your local spa or nail salon to have your aching feet massaged and pampered can really make a difference. Aches and pains don’t really become an issue until about fifty. I mean, until fifty our body does not throw any major tantrums. Our bodies resist, fight, and try to help us survive. But unfortunately, after reaching fifty, it almost becomes impossible to resist spas. After all, everybody needs to avail of some kind of treatment to thank their bodies for their life-long service.

Actually, when someone nears the age of retirement, it becomes their responsibility to take care of their body as a gesture of thankfulness towards their body parts that have been doing everything to help them earn. And honestly, I am one such gratitude-laden person who tries to have a full body massage monthly to help my aching muscles get some relaxation from the treadmill and light weight training at my gym with my “Silver Sneakers” status. Without these spa treatments, I’m not sure I could get out of bed daily!

Whether you’re a baby boomer yourself, or you’re simply looking for ways to help your ageing parents relax and rejuvenate, spas can offer a variety of benefits that are perfect for easing aches and pains. So, if you’re looking for ways to relax and escape the everyday grind, the spa is the place for you!

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2 responses to “Baby Boomers Love Spas”

  1. Anda says:

    Hahaha, you are so right, Mike. I could have never dragged my husband to a nail salon when we were younger. He would have looked at me and said: ‘What? What would I do there?’ But in the last couple of years he is the one dragging me there almost every month. I guess he loves to be pampered by those Vietnamese girls…

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      My sincere apologies. My admin performed a system update a while back and nothing seems to be working correctly. In the past I was sent an email every time a comment was left on my blog. I decided since I hadn’t seen any in quite sometime, to look. Lo and behold I had many comments and I feel terrible for not responding.

      I have been having pedicures for going on twenty years or more, along with massages. I guess I am different. I love the pampering and have ever since my first massage in Japan in 1973! Glad y’all do it together like my wife and I do. It’s so funny when the Vietnamese ladies (we don’t have girls, just women a little younger than my wife and I) do our pedicures. We have the same two ladies and always schedule when they are there. It’s like we are family now! LOL! I am so sorry young lady for not responding in a timely fashion and it’s embarrassing. Please forgive me and have a great week!

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