California Here I Come

Surprise! I’m not referring to the Golden State in the US. I am doing a story on California Kitchen in Cuenca Ecuador. Kim and I stumbled upon this restaurant, on Luis Cordero one Sunday after walking around Calle Larga and other streets in El Centro. The restaurant has moved location recently. It is now on a second floor near Honorato Vasquez and Cordero.

They were offering a brunch menu and I was starving from our walk. Carol Evans came by our table and visited for several minutes. She was very engaging and positive about living in Cuenca for the past three and a half years. Carol encouraged Kim and I to relocate.
Our food arrived and I started eating immediately, as it looked terrific. I had Eggs Benedict which is one of my downfalls in life. I know they are not good for you, but they are so tempting. I did not take a photo. My Eggs Benedict vanished in record time and it was supreme! George Evans came by our table and told us their story about relocating to Tucson when they retired and deciding after a couple of years to move to Cuenca.
George stated they never looked back, brought both grown children and opened a restaurant that endeavored to recreate dishes with a California flair. They wanted to present a menu that was healthy, appetizing and affordable. He stated this would keep them and their children busy. George sat at our table for around 45 minutes and really articulated the benefits of retiring in Cuenca and why others should consider the move.
They invited us to come back Friday night for an artist showing, live music and to eat again. We stayed until mid afternoon and most of the customers had left after brunch. When Kim and I departed, we remarked that Carol and George were happy, satisfied and remarkable people to give us that much time. We were instant fans of the California Kitchen and Carol and George Evans.
We returned on Friday night with our new friends Connie and Jim Jolliff from Tulsa Oklahoma. Jim ordered a huge club sandwich and it was bodacious. I can’t imagine eating the entire thing in one sitting. Jim is a big guy and just barely managed to finish. He loved it. Their grown children are active in the restaurant and Susie makes the handmade shortcake for this desert pictured below. Yum!
A film crew was taping and luckily I discovered that it was Paul Collins a friend that was making the video. He graciously allowed me to use his video. Paul publishes weekly videos on California Kitchens and is an active proponent of Cuenca and an avid food critic.
After dinner George took us into the room an artist was setting up in and introduced us to Gustavo Lopez Moreno. Kim loved his art and stated if we lived here she would have me purchase a teal and black painting. There is always some event transpiring at California Kitchen whether its music, art or charity oriented you can be assured it will worth your time.
The food is always consistent. The hosts are fabulous people and I guarantee you a wonderful experience, if you visit The California Kitchen!

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6 responses to “California Here I Come”

  1. Jim Jolliff says:

    Mike was correct! The club sandwich was huge and delicious. We ate at the kitchen several times while in Cuenca and was never disappointed. George and Carol and son, Jim are great hosts. More on this on my blog. Mike, I love your blog!!

    I guess this means you found the email mi amigo! Glad to hear from you and hope that you and Connie are doing well! See you again in Cuenca soon I hope!
  3. Jo The Blond says:

    This made me really hungry!!

    Jo the Blond,
    Then it worked like I hoped! Have a great day and thanks for stopping by! Muchas Gracias mi amiga!
  5. Casey says:

    Looks like a lovely establishment! I loved the vibe in Cuenca, even if it was the last city I got mugged in >:0 Next time I’ll be sure to visit California Kitchen!

    So sorry you were mugged in Cuenca. You are the first person I have talked to, with an issue of this nature. I have never had anything bad happen, even at Feria Mercado. I love Cuenca and have found so many nice people that I am going back again soon. Enjoy y’alls travels and be safe mi amigo! Saludos!

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