Casa Ordonez-Just Like the Good Ole Days

I often receive social media posts in regard to how it used to be, when I was a child and growing up. Most of us yearn for a different time when things in the world were more stable and interaction with others brought smiles rather than grimaces. Kim and I were fortunate recently, to “go back in time” and experience a boutique hotel in Cuenca Ecuador named Casa Ordonez.

The building that houses the hotel is 123 years old and has been in the family the entire time. The general manager and all around wonderful human being is Alberto Ordonez. He oversees the present day establishment that was his grandfather’s home until a few years back. Alberto is a master at customer service and exceeds all expectations one might have of staying in El Centro, in Cuenca Ecuador.
The matriarch, Ms. Ordonez, still frequents the hotel daily and greets all guests with hugs and friendly smiles. You feel like you are at your Mother’s house and she makes every effort to insure your comfort and well being. Even though her English is limited her message is always conveyed.
Maria Ynez is Alberto’s sister and greets most guests as they enter this special place and directs them to the local establishments as needed. Maria delivers any help a guest may desire with a warm smile and gentle disposition. She holds the hotels third successive TripAdvisor award in a row, received while we were staying there recently.
The others that have been employed for my various visits; Edwin, Rene and Elva greet you daily at the wonderful breakfast and do not miss a step when serving or helping you. They and the rest of the staff have all been trained very well in customer service and dealing with guests.
The accommodations and facilities are outstanding. One feels that they have been transported back in time to another place. You cannot help but slow down, rest and enjoy the camaraderie generated by the Ordonez family.
Individuals, both Ex Pats and locals tend to wander in during the day and the compassion bred by Alberto and family is contagious. It is normal for Alberto to sit for hours with friends and customers and insure they are entertained, knowing full well he has tasks to attend to later. On our last day Alberto, who normally cooks breakfast daily, made breakfast burritos for us to honor our visit and the fact that we were from Texas.
I have stayed all over the world and have not encountered such warmth and appreciation from a owner of a hospitality location. Comfort, satisfaction and service is guaranteed at the Casa Ordonez  and you will never be disappointed mi amigo! Saludos and Safe Travels!

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  1. What a charming place! I love how well they took care of you. 🙂

    They are the best. The hotel is housed in their families 123 year buidling. They remodeled in 2005. They take care of everybody very well. Thanks for dropping by kind lady! Hope all is well!

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