Get Out of Your Cocoon

Hey you! Yes you! The one sitting in front of your TV or behind your desk in your 9-5 job, that is driving you completely insane. The one that is just waiting for retirement so you can do more of the same and sit in front of your TV all day long! Can’t you realize that there is more to this great planet than the 10 block radius between your house, your job and the grocery store?

I don’t get it! I have friends and relatives that think we are nuts, to want to travel to foreign countries and experience other cultures and people. They are more than content to sit and dawdle their life away. “Its not safe”! Their idea of an adventure is to take a trip to NYC, the beach or Vegas and stay “safe”! I hate to tell them, but we live in the country with the highest crime rate in the world.
As of July 2012 we have almost double the country (United Kingdom) with the second largest crime rate. Don’t start talking about population because the countries with the highest populations China then India, don’t have this issue. Most of the high crime countries are in the Western world.
I also hate to let you know this, but in Japan we saw 5 and 6 year old children walking alone after dark. We saw a 10 year old child riding the train for hours to Tokyo and back for piano lessons. In Ecuador we saw children alone on streets after dark and late at night. Kim and I felt completely safe to be on these streets and alone. Not what you thought is it? One obviously still needs to use common sense and be cautious.
Traveling is more than just safety though. Its learning new cultures and finding out countries really care about their population. Its about meeting new people that treat you with kindness and respect. Its about eating new foods that are as a whole, very tasty. Its about experiencing life and getting something back!
So the question is, what are you going to do with the rest of your life? Are you satisfied being a troll sitting in front of your TV or computer and only experiencing life vicariously or are you going to stand up and just do it? There is a whole world waiting for you to experience. Trust me you will not be disappointed! Saludos, Peace and Safe Travels!
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3 responses to “Get Out of Your Cocoon”

  1. Jenny says:

    I hear you! I’ve been living in Mexico for the past six years, returning to visit family in the US every six months or so. People always express concern about my safety and I always retort by mentioning the last random, mass shooting that just happened in the US (and there always is one). But look at the bright side- If the boring, paranoid people stay home, then there’s more room on the road for us!

    I love your spirit and your outlook. Thanks for your comment and you are correct in saying “there’s more room on the road for us”! Wise lady! Thanks.
  3. JR Riel says:

    Hey! You just called me a troll! No, just kidding, I’m not actually, I enjoy traveling like yourself. You bring out some really great points here. There is so much more to life than just sitting around at home and watching TV. Get out and explore!

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