Graffiti in Cuenca is Art

I have had this discussion with many individuals and the line is usually drawn between age groups. I personally think that some of the graffiti in the world is magnificent art and have always felt this way. I promised a blog on Cuenca graffiti and here goes!

My apologies as this was shot out of a moving car. The left side is more in focus. It was the first day going into Cuenca. Arbitrary photo!
We walked to the stairs between Calle Larga and Doce de Abril. This stairway is alive with wonderful art!
It is fine art in most cases, where the “taggers” haven’t overlaid the original work.
I love the creativity behind the scenes and the art is so colorful!
I couldn’t take enough photos. I will have to share the complete album later as there is no way I can post all of them in this blog. #LovedIt!!!
This was one of my favorites and not just because Kim was in the photo! It was a couple of blocks off Calle Larga near Tres Estrellas.
This was on a wall in the San Francisco mercado, when we were shopping and saying good-bye to our new friends from Tampa, Laura and Emory! Great people!
This one we ran into on Luis Cordero between Calle Larga and the Rio Tomebamba. The guy in the sandwich shop next to it, will try to sell you everything on his menu! Good luck escaping.
This one was a favorite and is in black and white only. It was in a hallway leading to a hostel in Cuenca. I hope that these artists one day can gain the recognition they truly deserve and place their art on canvases for all eternity. They are truly talented! Peace and Safe Travels mi amigos!

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6 responses to “Graffiti in Cuenca is Art”

  1. Josh says:

    When I did my study abroad in Granada, Spain, I was told that the city does a Graffiti Art Book every year showing the different art that has popped up around the city.

    Here are two websites that showcase the art their:



    I appreciate you sharing these web sites. Our oldest son studied in Spain also and loved the country, the people and the food. I have yet to visit Spain but it is on my horizon! Gracias mi amigo!!!
  3. Jenna says:

    I’ve usually considered myself a supporter of graffiti expression, but a recent trip to Crete left me disillusioned by the lack of imagery and abundance of taggers completely defacing historic monuments left and right. I’m so glad to come across this post and remember what I love about street art!

    I detest taggers and people who deface art, etc. On the other hand, apparently just like you, I love street art!. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate your thought. Please come back! Saludos!
  5. Andy says:

    A long time ago, I used to classify all graffiti as one, but I am not so sure that it valid anymore. I have seen so many different expressions of graffiti from traveling ranging from names to elaborate pictures, comedy, and even political graffiti. I think that there is a difference among them. Sometimes concrete needs a dress up, but where do you draw the line?

    Great pics sir!

    Andy from Louisiana!

    I am thrilled you stopped by my blog and read this post. I too used to not be a fan of any graffiti also. Now, obviously I appreciate the talent behind what I call street art! I draw the line at what is classified as “Tagging” these days and only serves gangs, etc. Thanks for your comments and have a wonderful week!

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