Hell Yes I’m From Texas

Yes, I am a Native Texan through and through. Although I may not be as boisterous, as some Texans you have met, I am deep down very proud of my heritage and the state I was born in.Screw You We’re From Texas” by Ray Wylie Hubbard, applies to a great deal of our populace, but we all aren’t crass individuals.

Some people think we are the most obnoxious characters on the planet. Others think we are just downright “friendly”. We will, in most cases wave and say “Howdy”, if we pass you on the street and offer up a handshake. Just the way we were raised.

We are an uncommon crowd, with more pride in our state’s formation than most. “Remember the Alamo” is a phrase that everyone around the world knows freely and associates with the creation of Texas. Generally, we tend to let everyone know our history and the fact that we are Texans. We are a proud bunch.


Recently I had the pleasure of showing our CouchSurfer from Australia our state Capitol building in Austin. He is an architect and quickly fell in love with the historic structure and all its glamour. It had been ages since I roamed this wonderful building’s halls and thought it would be nice to re-visit the Capitol.

As we entered the grounds Allan Flynn (The Australian CouchSurfer) was awestruck and started taking photos rather quickly. I think he was attracted to the beauty and we stopped read most of the historical plaques from statues and objects on the grounds.

I learned a few tidbits, that I previously was unaware of. Like the cannons outside the front doors, were actually used in the Texas Revolution and the Civil War. I also discovered the Artesian well constructed in 1889 is still functional. Who knew?
We tagged along on the tour, which I highly recommend and visited highlights, like the Rotunda, the Senate and the House of Representatives. Allan noticed things that I wouldn’t see in a hundred years, from his architecture training.
His observation about the marble floors and the first step on all the staircases blew me away. The first step is shorter than all the rest, as the current floors were applied over the old floors and made the gap to the first step shorter. The floors were installed in the 1930’s and the Capitol was built in the 1880’s.
I personally was drawn to all the ornate brass placements on the doors, the hinges, the elevators and the door handles. It was awesome for a native Texan and I did not remember these from my last visit. I must have taken right at 100 photos and you can see them all at this link
We walked extensively around every floor, trying not to miss anything, That would be impossible though. The Capitol is such a large conglomeration of hallways, rooms and extensions, you might have to spend an entire week in the structure, to see it all.
We finished the tour and exited the building. A surprise awaited as Lady Liberty approached us and asked if we desired a photo. Of course I took her up on it! I even got to hold the torch!
I never cease to be amazed of what Austin has to offer and how our state’s history is depicted in monuments, government buildings and the various museums around town. “Hell yes I’m from Texas” and darn proud of it, if I say so myself! Safe Travels!

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7 responses to “Hell Yes I’m From Texas”

  1. Suzanne Herbst says:

    Hell, yeah, I’m from Texas (7th generation) and proud of it.

  2. A good read. I too had the pleasure of visiting our capital during this past session and was awestruck by her beauty and charm.. The hinges caught my eye and the floor tiles are just exquisite.
    Proud to be….. cause it just feels right !!!

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      Or should I call you John Love? Our state capitol is a thing of beauty and one can get lost for days just looking at its grandeur! The hinges, doorknobs and all the trim that has our state seal is awesome. I will go back on my own and spend more time viewing photos, documents and all the history this magnificent structure holds. Thank you my brother for stopping by.

  3. I’m from Texas too and damn proud of it!

    Due to the recent changes in goverment policy though I had to relocate to friendlier climates. 🙁

    I moved to the Philippines and I must say it’s pretty sweet… and the weather is not do different from TX either!

    I love it and would definitely recommend it to anybody that’s as fed up with the whole shebang as I was.

    Great post Mike and thanks for reminding me of just how good the Lone Star State really is. I miss it sometimes for sure.


    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      I completely understand and will more than likely do the same one day when my wife decides she is ready. Just haven’t figured where we will go yet. Either Mexico, Ecuador, Thailand, Spain or somewhere we can afford! Ha! Stay in touch brother Texan!

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