How Much Does Your Underwear really Weigh???


Today Kim and I were talking about getting our luggage out of the rafters in the garage and starting the process of loading our suitcases. The conversation turned to underwear and Kim’s needs.

Kim: Can we wash clothes while we are in Cuenca?
Me: There are no facilities in the hotel, but I am sure we can find an inexpensive laundry near by. Why do you ask?
Kim: I don’t think I have enough underwear.
Mike: So…Why don’t you go buy some? They can’t weigh that much. Besides… you can take out one pair of the many shoes you are taking and replace the weight of 12 pair of underwear!
Kim: How many days are we going to be there?
Mike: We will be gone for twelve days.
I surfed the Internet and worked my Facebook and Twitter pages and responded to a few “Comments” from blog readers and thought the dilemma was resolved.

Kim: Do these pants look okay?
Mike: You know I am not going to answer that, as I will not win with either response.
Kim: But…They are kind of beach pants and we are not going to the beach.
Mike: Just pretend!
I worked the Internet thing a little more and saw that Kim was getting her clothes laid out on the bed and ready to pack.
Mike: Why are you taking four scarves?
Kim: I have to match scarves with blouses!
Mike: So…Do we need to go shopping for your underwear?
Kim: Oh no…I have enough underwear.
Mike: I thought you needed more.
Kim: No I have plenty.
Mike Then why did you say you needed more?
Kim: I was only talking about my favorites!!!
Mike (to himself) I will never understand!

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21 responses to “How Much Does Your Underwear really Weigh???”

  1. Wonderful, Mike! Absolutely loved this! We have these same conversations every single time we travel! Come check out our travel blog when you have a moment!



    Thank you sincerely for all your support. We have these conversations every single time we travel. I just never jot them down. I am truly glad to see you have a similar relationship and understand my intent!!! Have a great week. By the way are you going to TBEX in Toronto? 
  3. I always love a good underwear discussion post 🙂

  4. Freda says:

    O Mike, I love this,You had me in giggles all through reading this. I hate to say this but it’s a girl thing, You will never understand. Just ask Kim 🙂



    I appreciate your thoughts and value your comments. I am sure you know that but it never hurts to say it. Right? We have these conversations all the time and love laughing at each other. Humor…the secret to 34 years of successful marriage!!! Hope all is well in your world!!!
  6. Donna George says:

    It was funny Mike. Truly a real life conversation!!



    I really appreciate your comment and reading of my blog. Kind of new and need to generate traffic! So glad that you thought it was funny and I could add a little levity to your day! Keep those cards and letter coming and I will always be at your service! Thanks.


    My apologies. The web thought you were Spam and I just noticed the error. I appreciate your comments and feedback more than you know. I also love all the snow photos you post, as it reminds me of my youth! Ha! 
    I thought it was a catchy title and would draw comments. So far I am correct. We are off to Ecuador Thursday and I hope to post daily. Let me know if you see errors and as always my friend, I truly respect your comments and feedback. Stay warm.  Have a great week!
  9. Josie says:

    Hi Mike,
    We just followed each other on Twitter so I thought I’d stop by and check out your website.
    A discussion about underwear? You’re expressing real stuff here and I appreciate it so much! We all need more honesty and fun in our lives. Thanks for adding it today.
    Wishing you safe and happy travels!

  10. NOMADICTEXAN says:
    Thanks for stopping by! It was intended to add a little levity to everyone’s day. We have the type of conversations all the time! Glas you liked it! 
  11. rick lambert says:

    mi amigo/hermano,
    looking forward to reading more!


  12. NOMADICTEXAN says:


    I appreciate your comments and hope I can fuel your passion! Peace and Safe Travels mi hermano!!!
  13. Shauna Mohart says:

    So did you weigh some underwear just to see how much they do add?? Fully enjoy this site Mike. And that is just so Kim lol. Enjoy your trip be safe eat lots of new foods take many pictures laugh. Create awesome memories. Love you both. Shauna Louise

  14. Jenny says:

    Heh! Do clothes way more once their dirty? You guys are high class. If consider any sink to be a “laundry facility.”

  15. NOMADICTEXAN says:


    I feel fairly certain that clothes weigh more after wearing them. After all if you perspire as much as me it is absorbed by the clothes! Not sure on us being high class. Definitely not. Have used sinks many times to wash clothes! LOL!!!
  16. Vanessa says:

    So funny! I say you should either go ultra light (2-3 pairs of quick dry travel undies that you wash each night) or pack plenty for the trip (a pair each day, plus a spare or two). If you’re going to have to do laundry anyway, you might as well carry as little as possible. If you don’t want to bother with laundry, there’s no point in taking 8-10 pairs – break down and pack the extra few undies!

    Final thought: no traveler ever said “Darn, I have too much clean underwear. Whatever will I do!?”

  17. NOMADICTEXAN says:


    I am honored you stopped by Turnipseed and am glad your grandmaother gave you the collapsible cup! We also had two Black Labs when we first got married. Great dogs! Stay well and many thanks for your comments! There is always “Commando” style also! Ha!
  18. Lisa Hardy says:

    Amusing post. We are flying to Texas from the UK in 12 days and my hubbie and I are having this same discussion. We have access to laundry machines at our friends house, but I still need to take 21 pairs of underwear for each day…. Men just don’t understand why we need to have a pair for each day even with a machine to use.Yes I agree with the scarf thing too. I’m the same with necklaces. Have to have different ones to match. It’s going to be hard as now we can’t take two cases each on delta, we only have 23kg. That’s just not enough! lol. It’s a women thing so I wouldn’t even try to understand if I were you! lol….

  19. Cecille says:

    Hahaha! This is so funny! I love your wife! ☺️

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      I #LOVE my wife also! Guess that’s why we have been together for 37 years, with 35 of them married to each other! Ha! Thanks for your comment young lady!

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