I Think I Need to Buy an Army Tank to Drive With!

Its funny. Back in my buying days at Six Flags, when I would go to SE Asia each year for the two months to purchase souvenirs, trinkets and gifts for the park system. I was always amazed at how the car traffic seemed to be in total disarray. I was comfortable driving back home in the US and wondered how the people survived the stress of the frantic driving habits in SE Asia.


Japanese Road Sign

Japanese Road Sign


Fast forward to 2013 in the states. I am making lettuce wraps for my wife and I, this evening. I discover I need water chestnuts for the online recipe, for Asian wraps with Hamburger. I left the house and merged into a heavily traveled Highway, that runs Northwest out of Austin to the Hill country. Highway 183. I was in the right (slow lane) and there had to have been no more that 1 1/2 car lengths between me and the car in front. As we approached a major intersection, this individual rammed in between us and I had to hit my brakes to avoid hitting her. Yes I said her. I was surprised as this type of behavior from a young female, as its primarily men that drive so aggressively these days.


I don’t know if its my age or what, but this infuriates me when somebody can’t wait five seconds and merge in behind me. They clearly think their “time” is more important than mine. It seems to be escalating lately and more and more drivers are acting like horse’s rears and showing no concern for safety or other drivers. Its insane. So I go shopping and get my chestnuts and a few other items.


Cuenca Traffic but Could Be Anywhere US

Heavy Traffic


I start back home and mind you have a back seat with several bags of groceries. I approach a 4-way stop. I am on the right as another smaller vehicle stops to my left. This time its a man driving. I am in a two lane surface street and I push the accelerator. The car on the left turns into the cross street area and with no blinker moves over to my lane and immediately veers into the library. Again I have to hit my brakes and am thankful nothing in the sacks of groceries is breakable, as the bags obviously hit the floor when I jammed on my brakes.


I don’t get it. Why is there no concern for others anymore on the streets and highways. People drive like there is no tomorrow, which might be true if they don’t start showing a little caution. There are so many stories we hear every day of people getting into accidents because of negligent or distracted driving. In fact, this seems to be a phenomena even with the bigger vehicles like those 18-wheelers you see on the freeways. So much so, that people that unfortunately fall victim to these accidents can seek out legal support for compensation at LawTX.com and other such law firms. They have a whole area of expertise for that.

While I can understand that safe driving practices may not prevent all the accidents in the world, there’s definitely nothing to lose from it, right? Having a little consideration for others on the road, not texting while driving, not wanting to always get ahead on the road, practicing patience…doesn’t sound very hard to do does it?

People cut people off all the time and can’t understand why you get irritated. Hardly anyone uses a turn blinker anymore, to warn you that they are turning this two ton or more weapon. We have lost all respect and common courtesy and I think its time for me to start walking everywhere. It will probably make me healthier and I might just live a little longer! Time to make the wraps!

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4 responses to “I Think I Need to Buy an Army Tank to Drive With!”

  1. Bill says:

    They are proably in a hurry to meed the good lord before you do so don’t huinder them. Might also be a good idea to drive round ina wreck so it would not matter if you hit them.

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      I like your style! I don’t know if its my age, or if people are really becoming more insane with their vehicles, but it sure seems that way! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. After driving in Taiwan for two years we’ve gotten cut off more times than I ever thought humanly possible. In the land where red lights seem like more of a suggestion it’s ard to keep your cool. Since driving a motorcycle here I’ve wondered what it would be like to drive a hummer :-p

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      I remember the driving habits in SE Asia very well, especially Taiwan. I am amazed that you are actually driving there. I would have not been able to handle it, when I was there! Thanks for stopping by!

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