Lewis N. Clark Travel Gear Review

Several months ago Lewis N. Clark, a travel accessory company, asked me to try out and review four products. Since I rarely do reviews I decided to really put these items to use and give them a good workout to determine their quality and value. They have accompanied me to Asia, Europe and two of the items I use daily. I am satisfied they have all been put through a sufficient testing period.


Lewis N. Clark Featherlight Packing Cubes

Lewis N. Clark Featherlight Packing Cubes


The first item is the Featherlight Packing Cubes. Every trip I have made abroad I have stuffed these three cubes with my socks (small cube), my underwear (medium cube) and my undershirts (large cube). This meant, as you can see above, they were loaded with as many items or changes, as I could pack. I am not one who likes to pay exorbitant prices to have my laundry done. I also dislike washing my undies in the sink, unless there is no other choice. I like that the cube can be transferred from your luggage to the dresser, with hardly any effort.



In the past year I traveled to the Yokohama and Tokyo area of Japan; Barcelona, Costa Brava, Girona and Seville in Spain; Istanbul Turkey; Rimini, Sicily, the Aeolian Islands and Milan in Italy; London England; Budapest Hungary; Bratislava Slovakia; Vienna, Durnstein, Linz, Melk and Salzburg Austria, Passau Germany and Prague in the Czech Republic. This is over 20 cities around the world and not once did the cubes present any issues. The zippers are all in very good working order. The mesh is still in one piece on all three cubes and holding my underwear in. One can use the cubes for anything you need to stay organized while traveling. I highly recommend the Packing Cubes and they have helped me stay efficient with packing, on all my travels.


Lewis N. Clark 2-in-1 Neck/Lumbar Pillow

Lewis N. Clark 2-in-1 Neck/Lumbar Pillow


The second item is a 2-in1 Neck/Lumbar Pillow. Pardon my face in the photo above, but I think I was tired and falling asleep. This product works very well and I have used it on every plane trip I have taken since acquiring the items to test. It is very comfortable and meshes well around your neck to any position you need. The pillow has many uses. In addition to the obvious neck rest, it can be unzipped, turned inside out and rolled into a lumbar support, which works very well. This comes from an individual with five back surgeries. The last option is to turn it inside out and it turns into a pillow. So if you are in need of any three options I recommend the Neck/Lumbar pillow. It is still in top notch condition after at least eighteen flights.


Lewis N. Clark Hanging Toiletry Kit

Lewis N. Clark Hanging Toiletry Kit


If any of the items have been over tested, it is surely my hanging toiletry kit. I have used this everyday since I received it and everything is still in great working order. I also have maxed out the supplies in my toiletry kit and it holds up to stretching, heavy weight and sharp items. I carry everything I could use in this kit and the ability to hang it on a towel rod is fantastic. No counter space needed. I carry my aerosol shaving cream, my after shave, bath soap and all sorts of grooming needs, plus my toothbrush and toothpaste. Everything I need can fit in the kit including my mouthwash, shampoo and conditioner. All the clasps, zippers and casings are in good working order and I use it daily. It is a very durable item.


Lewis N. Clark RFID Tri-Fold Wallet

Lewis N. Clark RFID Tri-Fold Wallet


My last item is the RFID Tri-Fold Wallet. Some men like a dual fold, but for some reason I have always carried a tri-fold. It holds all the credit cards, ID’s and information a person needs. Trust me I carry a large amount of domestic and International cards and I have two medical alert cards inside the cash area, just in case. As you can see above it has 6 credit/business card slots, 2 full-sized bill sections and and ID window, perfect for my business card. It is made from Lambskin and blocks unauthorized scanning of RFID chips, which we use more and more these days! Very helpful in protecting the theft of your identification, from the despicable individuals that thrive on stealing other people’s identities!


Overall I was more than satisfied with all four items and would recommend them to anyone in the market for these items. Lewis N. Clark is obviously a very quality company and stands behind its products. I would like to thank Mary Chong, of The Calculated Traveller, for sending Lewis N. Clark in my direction. I am now going  to look into more of their products as the need arises and I recommend you do also.







***All products were sponsored by Lewis N. Clark for testing and review. All opinions are as always, those of my own.

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7 responses to “Lewis N. Clark Travel Gear Review”

  1. Carolyn Wilson says:

    Great review. Thanks for the info. Will have to try them.

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      Thank you for your comment. I appreciate you stopping by and reading the blog post!. I love the packing cubes. Keeps my stuff from rolling around in the suitcase!

  2. Cat McMahon says:

    Hi Mike,

    I enjoyed your honest review of Lewis n Clark products.

    Until I read your article I had no idea this company produced so many travel items. I’ve always picked up my Lewis n Clark items from a local store, which has a very small selection. Like you, we have been very pleased with the quality and performance of the items we’ve purchased: Leather Luggage Tags, Lightweight Garment Bag and the RFID-Blocking Waist Stash (black and tan).

    I especially like the RFID-Blocking Hidden Travel Wallet. I purchased both colors, tan and black, to go with any travel outfit I wear. Not only do they work well hanging off my belt inside my waist band, they easily fit into the security pocket of my travel pants, inside my small handbag and backpack, and they pin nicely to the inside seam of my travel jackets where my valuables stay safe and secure.

    Two years ago I was received RFID-Blocking Shields, Credit Card 3-as a gift. I must say, they are one of the best presents ever! Those are tough little shields! With all the identity theft going around, I’m glad I have them!

    The Convertible Neck/Lumbar Microbead Pillow you featured looks very versatile, something I’m considering for our next extended road trip. I envision it coming in very handy.

    Thanks again for the time and energy you put into this review. It was great.

    Happy adventuring,

    Cat McMahon

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      How nice of you to go into so much depth with your comment. I am very lucky to have Lewis N Clark as a sponsor. IMHO they have some of the best travel gear available. I am always happy to test their new products and more times than not, I am very, very pleased with the results. Can’t agree more with your comment on the RFID wallets. I use hotel keys as a method of verifying and my wallet worked like a charm. I would advise you to purchase the Neck/Lumbar Pillow. It has saved me on several trans-ocean flights already. Hope we actually meet face to face one day. I am old school and like meeting new friends at travel blogger conferences and doing the whole networking thing. If you and your husband ever get to Austin, please notify us ahead of time and we can share a meal. #sfaetravels

      • Cat McMahon says:

        Hi Mike,
        Thank you for your kind invitation. I actually thought I would be visiting Austin this fall, but my husband’s business trip plans fell through. If I do ever visit there, I will certainly let you know so we can meet up!
        Best regards,

  3. Hi Mike, Thanks so much for the shout out I’m glad that it all worked out for you.

    I’m a huge fan of those packing cubes and yes, they hold up very well. My packing cubes go on all my trips now too and I always throw them in the laundry after and they still look brand new.

    That’s a nice looking hanging toiletry kit. I have one with a metal hook (another manufacturer) and I wasn’t a fan. This one looks much better – I’ll have to check it out.

    Take care and happy travels!

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      So sorry we weren’t able to meet up when y’all were in Austin. Next time for sure! Thank you for the connection with Lewis N Clark. They have been excellent to work with and I love their products. I have four more items now that I am testing. Glad you told me about being able to launder the packing cubes. I wouldn’t have guessed you could wash them. You might hold off on the toiletry kit, as mine ripped at one of the mesh sidings. I am trying their new one that still has a hook, but is more “boxy” at the bottom with pockets, etc. First issue I have had with anything from them. Hopefully we can meet face to face down the road. I know my wife is very outgoing and loves to meet my travel blogger friends when they visit Austin. Too bad your only available time was while she was working. Maybe we will get to Canada and meet you and Ray in your home country! #safetravels

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