Living La Vina

I know. I know. Its not “Living La Vina”, but “Living La Vida”. I felt compelled to use the wordplay. My apologies to Ricky Martin. In a way when you visit La Vina in Cuenca you are living the life!

The first thing that happened on our initial visit was Monica, one of the wonderful owners approached me, gave me a hug after I mentioned I had been there before and talked with Eugenio, her husband. She stated Mi Casa es Su Casa and I know she really meant it!
You instantly feel relaxed and accepted. There is a European influence to the food, the service and the decor and you will fall in love with the owners and the food. Monica informed me that Eugenio was in France. My Spanish is not the greatest so we miss-communicated about not being able to see him. We sat in the front dining room.
We were served bread, a very spicy aji salsa with onions and a wonderful Basil/Olive Oil sauce. We waited for our food and the aperitivo was perfect. Then came the vegetarian pizza con jamon (Ha, a little oxymoron for you!). The waiter was prompt and the service was impeccable. We left very satisfied and stuffed from our dinner.
We returned a few days later and to Kim and my surprise Eugenio greeted us with open arms and Monica gave us a warm welcome back. She struggled in telling Eugenio that I was writing a blog now and stated I was a block writer. I had to laugh!
After exchanging hugs and greetings with Eugenio and Monica, we sat and decided we needed another pizza. This time rather than jamon we decided we would add camerones. OMG it was delicious. I even remembered to take a photo to share with you
We struggled to finish this “Grande” pizza pie and I almost felt bad cutting into this artistic presentation. You can plainly see the zucchini, asparagus and shrimp on this pie. I cannot offer a better restaurant to dine in if you visit Cuenca, than La Vina.
Eugenio and Monica Rota treat you like royalty and the food is so delectable. Maybe one of these days, on a visit to Cuenca I will only visit once…Not!!!  Great food. Great Owners and Great Service!

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4 responses to “Living La Vina”

  1. Miruna says:

    Thanks for the tip! I’ll certainly stop by on my next visit to Cuenca.

  2. rsekiguchi says:

    So glad you remembered to take pictures of the food before finishing it!
    Love the pictures, makes me want
    to go there and try it out. (only in my dreams..)
    Looks like you are making lots of wonderful friends! 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. I appreciate your feedback and value your thoughts!!!
    Thanks for leaving your comment and for being such an avid fan of my blog. We are making so many friends it is beyond belief. I am glad I finally remembered to take pictures! Ha! Thanks and hope your outing with “The Girls” went well!

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