Making My Own Birthday Dinner

If you will recall I was scheduled to attend a Longhorn baseball game at the Disch on my birthday with my middle son. He fell sick with what I would guess was food poisoning from our dinner out the night before. A bad case of Lobster being mishandled. At least that is our guess.

I know how to cook fairly well and decided that I wouldn’t let the “Curve Ball” get me down and would make the most out of my day by cooking one of my favorites and my family’s favorites. Chicken Enchilada’s were on the menu and I was drooling with anticipation.
I evaluated my needs and jumped into my car and visited the local HEB. The one in Cedar Park that isn’t going to charge for bags. The city of Austin passed a new law and no business can give out plastic bags anymore without charging the customer. Environmentally I understand it, but what if I forget as I tend to do more lately and don’t bring my own bags in for bagging. $$$$
I digress. I purchased the necessary ingredients missing and went home and started cooking, chopping and prepping. I love this part. I was drooling by now. The enchiladas only take about 45 minutes of baking at 350 and I had heated the oven prior to loading the two huge 9 X 12 glass baking dishes in the oven. The two dishes make about 30 total.
Why was I cooking so much when it was just going to be three for dinner? Oh yeah. I can freeze the leftovers and eat them down the road. Along with the enchiladas I decided a good pot of beans would go well and sliced fresh peaches.
I must have checked them 10 times and was about to go crazy. Finally they were ready and I pulled them out of the oven. My they looked decent that evening!
I couldn’t wait to sit down and start eating. After all I was foregoing dessert in order to puerco (pig in Spanish) out on Chicken Enchiladas. I couldn’t wait to dive in and almost finished by the time Kim and her sister sat down to dinner.
I had to go back for seconds knowing there was ample food! After inhaling my first two I added a third and devoured it before they could handle their first ones. Kim kept saying how bad she felt that I had to cook my own birthday dinner. What she doesn’t realize is that I love to cook and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my birthday! Then it was siesta time! Adios!

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6 responses to “Making My Own Birthday Dinner”

  1. Andi says:

    I’m so sorry your son was sick and you had to cook for yourself, but what you cooked looked amazing!



    If I can’t be at the ballpark or traveling, cooking is my favorite pastime. I love to cook and the problem is I always cook for a small army! Ha! Oh well it means there are always leftovers!!!
  3. Monica says:

    MMM MMM MMM!!!!!! Those look tasty!!!!!

  4. Maria says:

    I can smell them from here – Mmmmm. Happy Belated Birthday. Really should be a month long celebration. 🙂



    Thanks for your comment. Yes they were tasty and will be for some time. I made enough to feed a small army!


    Thanks for the birthday wish and sorry you couldn’t taste them  and only smell them. Ha!

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