Old and Not So Stupid Anymore

Once upon a time, I was young and stupid. I thought you went along to get along. I worked over forty years (yes I am old!), in the retail industry and it was a dog eat dog, aggressive business with only one factor in mind. Make more money for the company. There wasn’t any compassion, or understanding that Sometimes Life Throws You Curveballs. Life in reality, is a fantastic roller coaster, and it has a magnificent way of balancing order. In the end it corrects most of the punches thrown your way.

Once you understand you are in charge of your destiny and no one, I mean no one can interfere, unless you allow them to alter your path. I worked in a multi unit retail organization, that was literally a sausage grinder, for ten hard years and the CEO could care less about his second in command. He actually had nine various COO’s in the decade I was employed. The man was evil!
I learned to hold my head down, produce and how to play the game when the Czar came to town! One couldn’t afford very many mistakes or you were out the proverbial door and he cared not, if it hit you in the butt! After many sleepless nights, I recognized I was in the wrong company and decided to move my talents elsewhere.
At my new company I quickly discovered that the management world was a better place. Even though the new company desired profits, their attitudes displayed and the manner they treated their employees, was 180 degrees from my prior employer. I, fortunately had two great mentors, who shaped my management style and trained me to influence employees in a positive manner, to optimize results.
The commercial entities still butted heads the remainder of my career and I had sleepless nights, but I bounced back quicker. When I retired it was like slamming my head against a wall as my day of continual motion, became a day of surfing the Internet and being bored out of my fricking mind! My 125 MPH life came to a screeching halt!
I made the decision this past December, when my lovely wife Kim gave me the money for Christmas, to start my own Travel Blogger web site, to begin again and write. I have always loved to state my opinion (whether anyone listened or not). I rapidly discovered that the travel blogging community is a sharing, compassionate and friendly industry. I knew I found my home!
In the few months since I started, I have been fortunate to establish friendships with elite bloggers and various people, I idolize in the trade. I am slowly building a traffic count, that is beneficial in more ways, than just building my ego! I am a lucky person. I do believe now I am old, but not so stupid. The young part went away a long time ago, but I have learned invaluable lessons along the way! I feel that the Travel industy is right for me at this time in my life and I absolutely love the people I interact with. Saludos mi amigos!
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12 responses to “Old and Not So Stupid Anymore”

  1. Jim Jolliff says:

    Sounds like “You can teach an old dog a new trick”. As a freelance travel writer and fellow blogger, I can relate to your travels throught eh early years of your life. Fortunately, I figured out that workinng for someone else is not the way to financial freedom. The blogging world takes us to some interesting places and allows us to become friends with great people. Great article…Stay in touch old ffriend!! http://www.followingjim.com

  2. Ahem, mi amigo. I prefer to think of us as mature (ban the ‘O’ word!). It gives us many, many advantages. Glad you’re on board.

    Thanks for your comment…so are you calling me an old dog or old friend? Both have the “old” word! Ha!
    I appreciate you reading my blog and your thoughtful insight! I will refrain from the use of the “O” word moving forward. Obviously you know its you fault, I  am in this industry now! Ha! Safe Travels “young lady” !!!
  5. It is a dog eat dog world out there, and I am glad that I’ve learned that at my age. I’m not as experienced as you are but I’ve had my share of tough lessons taught my nasty corporations. Thank you for sharing this.

    I am glad that you learned this early in life. I guess I was just slow! Ha! Anyway I appreciate your thoughts and stopping by the blog! Safe Travels mi amigo and hopefully we will see you in Toronto!
  7. Jo The Blond says:

    This is really inspiring! Well done for changing your life. You are a proof that you can do it at any age!

    Thanks for your comment and compassionate thought! I appreciate you taking the time to leave your take from the post! Safe Travels. Saludos!
  9. Art Friedman says:

    Mike – Very well written and right on target. Pretty amazing what we subject ourselves to when we are raising a family and trying to get ahead of the rat race. Having recently retired for the 2nd time, I’m going to focus on my wonderful wife and kids and “smell the coffee” everyday. I’m glad we reconnected and I look forward to following your travel.

    Warmest regards,


  10. NOMADICTEXAN says:
    You were always one of the class acts of the business and treated me with high regard. I always thought you were an “original” as most people I came in contact with, were only after building their egos and the bottom line, regardless. 
    I was so excited the day you reconnected with me and told my wife about it! It took me a couple of days to settle down! Ha! Who knows I might just need to do a story or two on Florida and knock on your door when you least expect it! Give your wife and kids a hug for me and relax brother, you have earned it! 
  11. Great article! I’ve always been fascinated how focus can make things happen in your life. It makes no sense, but if you focus on where you want to go, it will happen every time. I always tell people, “The only reason I work is to have some money to do something I enjoy later.” Take that from me and you have stolen my motivation.

    Nice job on the article!

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      I am honored you would stop by and leave a comment. Much less, such a complimentary one. I really appreciate the feedback. Like you, the only reason I “used” to work, prior to retirement, was to take my family on vacations and give them what they desired. Thanks.

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