One Door Opens Another

I am entirely sure what attracts me to historical architecture and aged facilities. Maybe my own rapidly aging element is effecting my current construction cravings. As everyone knows, I am truly enamored by the city of Cuenca in Ecuador and visit as often as possible. Every visit one of my primary agendas is the photographing of the old doors, which still survive in El Centro, or the old part of the city.
On our last trip in March I took so many photos of old wooden doors that my wife Kim started locating prospective shots and identifying candidates, before I could see them. I always gravitate to these doors and I am not sure what the fascination is, but I can’t stop. I take hundreds of door shots each time I go somewhere with history, especially Cuenca with its 500 plus years of existence.
The beauty and craftsmanship that went into these doors originally, with limited tools slays me and I can’t wrap my hands around how much time it took, to create these masterpieces. I drool over these pieces of art. I am sure many will debate me on calling them art, but in my eyes this is what the doors are.
At this point I have a trip scheduled for the month of August and I couldn’t be more delighted. I am sure once again I will walk the streets of El Centro, find doors not yet photographed and add to my collection. Kim says I am approaching enough photos to publish a book. HMM? Hadn’t thought of that, but it might not be a bad idea. Safe Travels and Saludos mi amigos!
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10 responses to “One Door Opens Another”

  1. noel says:


    those are gorgeous wooden doors, i love to also see interesting architectural details and take some tight shots. this looks like a great place to visit, thanks for sharing them.

  2. Jim Jolliff says:

    I, too, love doors!! If you do a book, I have a few that will be donated!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts. I value your opinions. Stay tuned, as there is a “Balconies” blog in the works, that reflects the structures in Cuenca I caught on digital film! Ha!
    Thanks for stopping by. Hope all is well. Give Connie a hug from Kim and me! Saludos mi amigo!
  5. noel says:

    sounds great, thanks

  6. I think I’m going to start taking photos of doors. They’re one of those everyday things that I overlook in my non-travel life but are so much more interesting when travelling.

    I must be obsessed. I take photos of doors and always have. They are the souls of the building and who knows what lies behind them? I think we are all more aware, when we travel!
  8. Maria says:

    Beautiful doors – I realize it would be expensive to create such utilitarian works of art these days but that doesn’t stop me from wishing they would.

    I think you hit the nail on the head. The craftsmanship involved, with building these doors and the time spent producing such quality, is what attracts me to these relics. I find them fascinating and I am glad you appreciate their value also! Saludos!
  10. Maria says:

    Mike, do you also find the ornateness or overall size of the doors reflect the importance of the room or resident beyond?

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