Our Lady of the Mist Cathedral

This Iglesia is actually built into the side of a mountain and is over 100 years old. It is very striking as you drive up the mountain and imposing in its own way. It must have been difficult to carry the materials needed to this cathedral for construction.

As we ventured up the plethora of steps I was reminded of the hill behind Ingapirca and how Kim, our new friends Earl and Alex, and I struggled to walk down the mountain at 10,000 feet. It was a chore for this old man and even Kim had to stop. As we ascended a heavy mist began to shroud us. I fully understand where the name of the Cathedral came from now after visiting it.
After conquering the hundreds of steps on the Cathedral we entered and found that the Iglesia was built into the side of a mountain “literally”. The back wall, where the alter was had open rock behind it. I was fascinated that such a structure could be attached to the mountain.
The stained glass windows mesmerized us all and we sat down and took it all in. Some of us trying to catch our breath. I was awestruck by the entire Cathedral and now understand why it is so famous. Each of us celebrated the Cathedral in our own way and a peaceful calm fell on our shoulders.
Leaving the upper echelon of the Cathedral I viewed this panorama and had to share it with you. Peace and Safe Travels!

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