Over the Railing

Sometimes, I think I may advocate different things than the average “mature” person, do you like that term Barbara Weibel of Hole in the Donut, better than old? I am a fan of historical and cultural buildings and construction in my home country, my state and especially foreign countries that have an European influence. One of my passions is ornate balconies and I gravitate to them like there is a magnetic field drawing me in.

Thankfully my recent love, Cuenca Ecuador is filled with examples in the El Centro or older section of the city. On Kim’s and my recent visit, I kept running into stunning examples of this style of architecture and was compelled to shoot photo after photo. All of which can’t be shared in this blog, but can be found at an album on a Facebook album.
I am especially fond of the fact that there is a movement in Cuenca to restore and repair existing structures, which have been allowed to become run down. There is an uncommon energy and buzz these days. The transformations are astounding. All the before and after photos and results take my breath away.
Being a historical buff, I am enormously grateful to these investors, for appreciating these specimens of art and bringing their grandeur back to life. Some are ExPats like me, who desire a place in the El Centro area and some are Cuencanos trying to bring their roots back to life. This area has a beauty and charm unmatched in other parts of the city. At least that is my opinion and I am standing by it!
Hopefully, my choices of balcony photos have taken you back in time and helped you escape any issues of the day you are confronting. I look at each balcony as I walk through Cuenca and try and imagine what was in the designer’s mind. What were they attempting to express when the balcony was constructed? I hope that my post presented you with a brief respite and you find yourself getting lost in their glamor.
Safe Travels mi amigos and Saludos! Visit Cuenca and you will not regret the time spent!
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4 responses to “Over the Railing”

  1. noel says:

    I love going to old cities and towns that are going through major revitalization projects and making these old buildings shine again. Love the one building with framed images on the walls. Need to put this on my bucket list of places to visit some day.

  2. I am now a fan of balconies thanks to this post. New Orleans is a great balcony destination. These pictures remind me of the Big Easy.

    Sounds like we have a great deal in common! I have always gravitated to old , historic structures and love the craftsmanship applied a century ago and more!  Thanks for your comment. Mahalo!
    I always appreciate and value your comments. I have been to the Big Easy so many times, I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count with. I absolutely love NOLA and will go out of my way to visit it! Maybe one day our paths will cross there! Enjoy Kentucky!

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