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Artisan Ceramic Work at the Mayors Gallery

Artisan Ceramic Work at the Mayors Gallery



I read earlier in the day yesterday that I could go around the corner and see a few examples of Artisan work, at the Mayors Gallery on the corner of Presidente Borrero and Simon Bolivar here in Cuenca. I am always enthusiastic about seeing local artists at work, where ever in the world I travel. This turned into more of a treat than I expected.


A multitude of artists had their work displayed at the Gallery and I was very surprised at the quality and imagination of the local artists’ Thankfully I remembered my camera and took copious photos. I think I have enough for a follow up blog. Look for it in the very near future. Saludos!

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  1. I visited a talavera ceramic factory in Puebla, Mexico and this design reminds me of that trip. It was not a place I though I would like, but it was actually pretty cool, and I bought a nice coffee cup for me and my mom.

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      There is an amazing artist in Cuenca that resides in Turi up on a hill overlooking Cuenca. He does work all over and I have written about him. It amazes me that people are so talented and I can even draw a straight line! Ha! Thank you kindly for stopping by.

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