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Saturday Markets Were a Challenge With All the Rain

Saturday Markets Were a Challenge With All the Rain



One can casually stroll about Cuenca and discover a shopper’s paradise a block away from the New Cathedral. The Market is located in front of the San Francisco inclosed markets and you will find very economical deals. In addition you can barter the price and you learn after a awhile that the original price is a “Gringo” price and is only paid by the naive tourists. There are tons of examples of weaving and clothing products and more than likely you can find a shirt, a blouse, a bag, a shawl or a scarf that you really like.



The only issue I find is that larger individuals cannot locate an appropriate fitting sample. If you are 6’4″ or so, you will not be able to locate a shirt that fits you. The sizes are all established based on the traditional sizes of the Ecuadorian population. It is a blast though walking and looking at the wares and seeing how good of a negotiator you are. Buenos Suelte!

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