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The New Cathedral in Cuenca

The New Cathedral in Cuenca

The first time I visited Cuenca, I wondered off from the Casa Ordonez  boutique hotel I was staying at, to the center of old town called Parque Calderon. I noticed on one side of the park there was an elaborate cathedral and had to investigate it. This is the photo of the altar from the rear of the cathedral and shows the marble columns, floor and the gold in the altar. It was a dramatic picture in my mind and the church took many decades to construct and complete. I loved it and was felt an overwhelming peace standing in the church.

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  1. Linda Bibb says:

    We also think it’s a beautiful church. There’s another, ornate and very popular altar halfway up the right side.

    Ha! Did you notice the larger-than-life statue of Pope John Paul II at the back of the church?

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      Yes I did. I took about 50 photos inside of the cathedral and fell in love with it. It is gorgeous! Thanks for your comment. Will have to look for my photo of Pope John Paul II. I have it somewhere! Ha!

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