Photo of The Day #25

Indingenous Lady Selling Lottery Tickets

Indigenous Lady Selling Lottery Tickets



This lady sits on the corner by my condo I am renting and attempts to sell lottery tickets to the people walking by. I haven’t ever really seen her sell any large quantities and can only really remember seeing a purchase one time. It is sad, but the majority of the Indigenous people work at the low-end jobs and make very little income.



They dress in their native colors and hats. Most are a proud people. They walk the streets pedaling fruit, trinkets, lottery tickets and flowers. They do this daily and somehow scratch out a living. I admire their tenacity and drive to survive!

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  1. She does have a pretty cool hat.

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      There is a plethora of “Nice Hats” here in Cuenca. I did not realize the extent of the variations from all the Indigenous people’s. It appears that I have seen around 100 plus different hats. Its amazing. I wish I had one from each clan! Ha! Safe Travels mi amigo!!!

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