Photo of The Day #32

Street Fruit Vendors

Street Fruit Vendors



One of the common sights one sees when walking the streets of Cuenca, is the fruit vendors selling their wonderful items from a wheelbarrow. I think the wheelbarrow business would be a good business, as the vendors are set up almost every two or three blocks. Mostly locals purchase these items, but occasionally I see tourists buying the fruit. It is so cheap and so good looking that one has to avoid temptation, unless they have the materials needed to cleanse the fruit appropriately.



I have learned over time that fruits and vegetables grown by root source (like potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, etc) must be soaked thoroughly in the cleansing treatment or one will have a visit from the Grand Amoeba and trust me that’s not fun. The tree fruits and vegetables are safer, but still require a good cleansing. Ecuador has a bountiful supply of fruits and veggies, but I would urge you to make sure you treat them prior to consuming! Saludos!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    How does one cleanse the root vegetables to avoid any visits from “Grand Amoeba”??!!

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      There are two ways that I know. The first is to use a product called Starbock, that can be bought at the local Super Maxi grocery store. It just takes a few ounces mixed in water along with the fruits and vegetables. The second method and a little less beneficial, is to soak and wash the items in a combination of dish soap and vinegar. You have to scrub the items. Everybody has their own methods. After a while though you get used to the difference and this process isn’t that necessary.

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