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Colon Campos at Work

Colon Campos at Work, Engaging Customers


I have traveled extensively around the world and had the pleasure of meeting many interesting individuals. I met Colon Campos recently when I ate at his restaurant, the Don Colon  in Cuenca Ecuador. I even wrote a blog describing one of my experiences, entitled Don Colon Rules. Today I received a thank you and an email urging me to come back and he then advertised my post on his restaurant blog. I was blown away.


Most restaurants acknowledge they like your posts, but rarely does one go out of their way to this extent. This gentle man understands that service is key to success in any business and he is genuine about your relationship. He really does want to engage with you and learn your story. If you find yourself in Cuenca Ecuador, at the Parque Calderon or the New Cathedral, you are across the street from his restaurant.


Stop in say hi and tell him the Nomadic Texan sent you. He will talk with you and then serve you an excellent meal, at a very economic price. Well worth the $4.00. Colon I can’t wait to get back and stop in and surprise you! You are a friend for life! Saludos mi amigo!

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