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A Beautiful side door of a Cathedral in Cuenca

A Beautiful side door of a Cathedral in Cuenca

I captured this photo, on Kim and my second day in Cuenca. We were walking back from exploring El Centro, the old town section of Cuenca and saw this door on one of the plethora of cathedrals in the city. I am fascinated by doors and am obsessed with taking pictures of doors that appeal to me, which is a broad range. After a couple of days Kim would identify candidates ahead of time before I even saw them. There is something magical in my opinion and they serve as entrances to many facets of people’s lives. I always run through my mind what I think is on the other side and what I would find if I opened the door.

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  1. And I always wonder who has walked through that door. In places like the colonial cities of Mexico, Central America and South America, some of that “walking through” took place in the 16th century — history induced goosebumps.

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      Exactly. This door had to be at least 300 to 400 years old and like you I wonder always, who has used it, for what purposes and what stories it could tell, if it could talk. I also adore the architectural construction and designs of all the doors I take photos of. I also think about the individual or persons that carved or made the doors, how long it took and if they were proud of their work as much as we admire it? I could go on and on! Thanks for your thoughts.

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