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Our visit to James Bond Island or Khao Phing Kan, in Phang Nga Bay Thailand was both exhilarating and educational. The ride over in the Long Boat was stimulating and was an experience I shall never forget. It was a proper end to the ride, when we wound up at the restaurant in Sea Gypsy Village for lunch. The village is elevated above the ocean on stilts to account for the tides and storm surges.


The majority of its income base is centered around tourism and visitors that stop off on the way back from James Bond Island. In addition to a rather large restaurant there is a maze of shops and retail outlets, which sell fresh water pearls, all kinds of clothing, authentic regional food items and various traditional souvenir goods. It is well worth the stop and one can wonder endlessly for hours just investigating the wares the vendors offer.

Koy Panyee Sea Gypsy Village

Koy Panyee Sea Gypsy Village


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4 responses to “Photo of The Day #55”

  1. Rhonda Albom says:

    Beautiful photo. I love the colorful long boats. Is the entire village elevated?

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      Yes the entire village is elevated and very spread out and large. It meanders all over the place. The restaurant was top notch and there was even a school at the rear of the complex with a “floating soccer field”, if you can believe that. It was unreal. I loved it and would go back again. Thanks.

  2. Patsy Baglio says:

    A floating soccer field, amazing! What did your eat and drink at the restaurant?

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      We had a wonderful lunch with fish, prawns, a Thai mixed veggie plate, which was a little spicy and lobster (few bites each). For dessert we had fresh pineapple that we stopped and purchased along the road from Phuket. They did an excellent job. The mall at the rear of the restaurant was unbelievable also and went on and on. We could have shopped for hours. If you get the chance to visit James Bond Island you will more than likely stop at this place on the way back. It is a fantastic place! Thanks for stopping by.

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