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One of the things that struck me as unusual in my recent trip to Thailand and Malaysia, was the amount of monkeys everywhere we went near forests or jungles. I am not used to that in Texas. We experienced more monkeys though, at locations where Buddhas were present and I am guessing it is a natural instinct to adapt to people feeding you and having excessive trash near. Its kind of a guaranteed system of meals for these primates.


This photo is from the Batu Caves and we were sternly warned that feeding the monkeys at this temple could cause a lose of a finger or an attack. Neither was something I desired. The monkeys were sitting above the entrance to the restrooms at the shrine and I for one was just a little nervous that they might not like another bearded primate invading their space. Take a close look at the one on the right and tell me you don’t agree!



Monkeys Watching the Toilet at The Batu Caves

Monkeys Watching Over the Toilet at The Batu Caves





*** My trip to Thailand and Malaysia was sponsored by Thai Airways, the Tourism Authority of Thailand and Tourism Malaysia USA. All opinions are solely mine and as always, generated without any influence.

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4 responses to “Photo of The Day #60”

  1. Lily La says:

    Haha awesome photo – you’re right, that one on the right looks a little suspicious!

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      Lily La,
      Thank you kindly for stopping by and leaving a comment. Hope you are well and I wish you safe travels young lady!!!

  2. I encountered the monkeys myself and they were quire nasty. Kept jumping and running across the stairs at the Batu Caves. They tried scaring tourists (willingly)…
    Their knife-like sharp teeth did look terrifying, to be honest!

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