Photo of The Day #62, #NomadicTexan

Last August when I lived in Cuenca for five weeks, this Indigenous lady sat on the corner of the street where my condo was located, selling lottery tickets. She was there every day rain or shine and sold tickets from early in the morning until late afternoon.


Indigenous Lady Selling Lottery Tickets

Indigenous Lady Selling Lottery Tickets


I always wondered if she had a family and if she had housing. She never missed a beat and when I would walk by her she extended a ticket and asked me if I wanted to purchase a ticket. I never did and almost felt guilty about NOT gambling!

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2 responses to “Photo of The Day #62, #NomadicTexan”

  1. Earl Gallaway says:

    Max and I just came back from Cuenca on Mar. 21st. She’s still there! I recognized her from your photo right away. And yeah, she looks at you … and you want to buy a ticket … but we didn’t either.

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      It is so nice to hear from you. Are y’all any closer to making a decision. I thought about you two when I started publishing videos and found the “Waterfall” video. I put it up last night on my You Tube Channel (the waterfall debate between Max and Kim). It will go in a blog post soon, maybe even today. It was so funny when Max and Kim starting talking about the Bamboo. We laughed at it and talked about how much fun we all had on our tours. Hope y’all are doing well. I will tell Kim you left a comment! Made my day amigo!

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