Photo of The Day #69, Here’s Looking at You! #Ingapirca #Historical #Ruins

In March of 2012 I visited the Incan ruins at Ingapirca, outside of Cuenca Ecuador. One can take the normal tour and if game, walk the extended tour up and beyond the ruins. It passed by the Emperor’s bath carved out of stone and through a local village. The route was at a higher altitude and really stretched us to the limit. As we rounded a corner and began going down the backside we saw this face carved in the stone,  by the Inca people,according to our guide.


The Face on the Mountan

The Face on the Mountan


It blew me away and I am not entirely sure the guide was giving us the straight story or was embellishing the tale. Regardless, it was an impressive sight and I was mesmerized by the facial features.

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  1. Very cool — I went to Ingapirca but didn’t get past the ruins, which were pretty interesting. Just goes to show you can see more if you venture off the beaten track.

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      We were lucky and had an English speaking guide that asked us if we were interested. Just lucky I guess! It was so cool! You are correct! Thanks.

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