Photo of The Day #72, HomeAway Winner

We had our kickoff meeting for the Austin chapter of Travel Massive recently. One of our feature speakers, Erin Portman of HomeAway, was a vivacious young lady with more energy in her, than Carter had in it’s Little Liver pills. I was amazed how how deftly she set up her box for her give away. She laid out the brochures, refrigerator magnets and business cards. I think she has performed this assembly before. Erin had a smile from ear to ear and was a pleasure to visit with. We were very happy that her company donated a good size gift certificate.


Erin Portman with Home Away alias

Erin Portman with Home Away, alias @HomeAway_Erin, #HomeAway works 


After all the presentations were given, Erin proceeded to award the prize of a HomeAway gift certificate. I was attentive, but had no idea that the name pulled would be mine. I was totally caught off guard and offered to place the gift certificate back in the box and have someone else’s name drawn. Everyone to my humble surprise told me no and I should keep it and use it on my Europe trip in September and October. So by gosh I will! Thank you kindly HomeAway for such a wonderful gift!



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2 responses to “Photo of The Day #72, HomeAway Winner”

  1. Sofie says:

    Congrats Mike!

    PS Promise me you’ll wear the hat and shirt to Athens:)

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      The hat for sure. It’s my brand hat! I have various Hawaiian shirts that I wear so I am not sure this one will be with me, but similar shirts for sure! Ha!

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