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I was not able to dine at the Restaurante Corvel in Paute Ecuador this time and Kim missed a great experience. Chef Patricio Coronel has won many awards, as he produces most of his food on the grounds of the restaurant. It does not appear to be anything fancy from the exterior, but the food is 5 Star in my book and the servings are quite large. The interior has a warm and cozy atmosphere.

I was at at his restaurant in October of 2011, while touring with Mio Tours. They suggested we try it. Omar Rachid, my traveling companion that trip and I were surprised at the quality level of the food and the amazing service Patricio offered.
Efrain and Patrico relayed the background of the restaurant and how Patricio desires to create fabulous entrees, only from products he grows. This includes the coffee we drank. He grows his own beans, harvests the bean when they are ready, then roasts the beans and brews it fresh. It tastes amazing, if you like coffee.
Patricio’s vision (as translated by Google) is as follows:
Becoming a model company in food service and tourism nationwide, raising awareness on the conservation of cultural identity, social equity and eco-efficiency, using new green technologies that enable sustainable economic growth, supporting the canton (next level below province), advocate, advertise as a destination tourist and improve the quality of life of the population of the canton.
It is an admirable position and one I respect personally. He is not 100% free of outside products, as he serves seafood that has to be trucked in daily from the coast. I chose the Langostinos and they melted in my mouth and were basted with some type of creamy butter sauce. So delicious!
Restaurante Corvel has won the Rainforest Alliance Award, for his efforts in producing so many of his own products. The restaurant is about 45 minutes outside of Cuenca proper and on the way to many sites tourist visit. The quality is all extremely above average and priced very reasonably. I highly recommend you give it a try and I know you will not be disappointed. Saludos and Safe Travels!

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4 responses to “Restaurante Corvel”

  1. JJIM JOLLIFF says:

    How did we miss this place? Sounds wonderful! A must do next time down!!!

    Its about 45 miles outside of Cuenca Jim and you have to be doing a tour or going to Paute to take advantage. It is a very good place to eat. I will send you a photo of the steak Efrain ordered! It was huge. Thanks for your comments and for reading the blog sir! Saludos mi amigo!
  3. Mike… We loved this place. We also too the Mio Tours day trip and had a great time.

    By the way, first time here and I like it. Very, very well done blog, nice layout, good stories… Keep it up.


    Thank you kindly for the separate note and for stopping by my blog. It is an honor to have “Ecuador George” as a reader! I subscribed to your blog and read every post immediately. I also have your card from the Casa! 
    We will have to get together one of these days in Ecuador and meet face to face! I thank you profusely for the compliments! Saludos.

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