Social Media Dragons

Lately I have been questioning whether Social Media platforms really desire being used by the little guy or is it just an avenue of PR for the wealthy and famous to play around with? I have had serious issues with three systems in the last week and touched on a fourth issue with another platform.

Twitter drives me completely insane with its plateau of 2,000 followers. Every time you hit the number you are locked out of “Following” any more Twitter accounts, that might be relevant to your traffic. The process, as far as I know it, is you have to delete one account at a time and that takes serious time and dedication. When you ask Twitter what the platforms for increased tolerance are, they can’t answer you and state it is different for everyone. Why is that I ask???
This past week I was placed in Facebook jail and could not message or friend request anyone for a week. They stated I was at fault for trying to friend to many people that didn’t know me. That is unadulterated BS. I did not ask more than five people to friend me. I did send out, on the Facebook platform requests for my friends on Facebook to “like” a new page created for his new business in Ecuador. This prompt is issued by Facebook and not by me. If that is what caused the issue I hope they can sleep at night.
Next I could not decipher what individuals were supposedly “liking” my new Nomadic Texas Facebook page and I wasn’t seeing the “like” they told me had transpired. I find out by accident and playing around that pages and people are not tallied together. So if you are a travel blogger like me and like my Nomadic Texan page from your Facebook travel page, I get no credit in the number of likes. Incidently to my knowledge there are no tallies for page likes.
Next, as of today I have been thrown in LinkedIn jail and cannot request connections. Again, its because I asked to many individuals that do not know me. I am in a quandary as every time someone asks me to connect, LinkedIn throws up a list of individuals they suggest you connect with, as the people are usually in your industry.
Yet, I was recognized last year as one of LinkedIn’s most viewed sites. I am ranked an All-Star in their ranking vernacular and it was my impression that the purpose of LinkedIn was to bring together individuals that prospectively had business ties and could help each other out.
Lastly my son told me my web site was down this morning in Japan for about 5 minutes and then mysteriously popped back on line. I had no issues all day until this afternoon and I lost connection with Go Daddy stating it was a “server error”. The same reason given my son this morning. I call Go Daddy and wait 7 minutes (an unusually short time for them) and as the tech comes on the phone my web site mysteriously pops open.
I ask the tech how and why this was happening. “I don’t know sir. Sometimes our servers go down and we try to get them up as fast as we can. Maybe you should have a cocktail”. Now that’s a great response! Maybe I will have several after this week.
Have to go get ready for my Couch Surfer from Australia who is spending the weekend. Safe Travels and thank you for listening to my rant. Power to the “Little People”!!!

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4 responses to “Social Media Dragons”

  1. I am not sure what you are talking about as far as the little guy. You are huge on twitter. They are just doing this to contain you because you cannot be stopped!

    You are a hilarious individual! I am no where near “huge” on Twitter, but your compliment makes me feel better! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! 
  3. Jenny says:

    I personally cannot stand social media. It’s like Narcissism in a can! And that’s when it’s working well.

    I think I know where you standnow! Ha! Agreed!!!

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