The Best Damn Pizza in Cuenca

I have sampled pizza at many places over the years on my trips to Cuenca and some have been great and others well, not so great! This trip I started eating pizza at a new place. The name of the restaurant is La Fornace and they had an extensive menu that might surprise you. Its filled with massive amounts of true Italian food. I tried a pizza “La Fornace” and made a few changes. No pimiento (green peppers) or Salchicha (Hot Dogs). I added more chicken.


The La Fornace Amended

The La Fornace Amended


It was spectacular and I have eaten three of these when I needed a quick meal in Cuenca. Their oven must have a very high temperature as it only takes around 5 minutes once you place your order. They absolutely know what they are doing.


Vladamir (cook) and Santiago (Chef)

Vladamir (cook) and Santiago (Chef)


Immediately when you enter they are at your table and ask for your drink order and if you are ready take you food order. I had a wonderful young man last night that treated me like a king. He kept me in business!


Pablo My Server with the Cashier

Pablo My Server with the Cashier


They serve desserts, but most people opt for their ice cream cone, as an end to the meal. They positioned the dip station up front, so that people passing by can purchase a cone and keep going. Apparently they have quite an ice cream business, as this young lady prepped cones with napkins the entire time I was eating. She must have done 150 cones or more.


Lady Bussy Prepping Cones

Lady Busy Prepping Cones


If you find yourself in Cuenca and have a yen for a pizza I promise you cannot go wrong at La Fornace! Just remember you don’t eat the pizza with your hands like we do in the US. That is considered very ill mannered. You must use your fork and knife! FYI! Saludos mi amigos.


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  1. Pizzas vary from place to place… from country to country… and the original Italian pizzas are the simplest!

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      Europe is on my schedule maybe twice this year. I have been all over Asia, but not Europe. Can’t wait to try an authentic Italian pizza. Thanks.

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